Install Guide

Tool Factory Keyboarding Install Guide - Site License

1.  Insert the Tool Factory Keyboarding CD.

2.      Wait a minute; the install should come up automatically. 

If it does not, navigate to ‘My Computer’, then to the drive letter of the CD-ROM drive.  Once viewing the contents of the CD, double click on Setup.exe.

3.      Click “Install” to begin. 

4.      The Installation wizard will begin.  Click “Next”.

5.       Read the License Agreement.  If you agree to the terms, click “I accept…” and then “Next”.

6.      Enter the License key, found on the back of your CD sleeve.

7.      If this install is taking place on the Administrator computer and is to have access to the administrator functions, choose the top-right selection, entitled “Network-Server”.  If it is to be used by students, choose the “Network-Workstation” option.  This step is very important, as it will allow the administrator to monitor student progress. 

a.       If you are running a server installation, make sure the box is checked to run Tool Factory Server as a service.  The install will automatically detect the IP address of the computer to function as a server.



b.      If you are running a workstation installation, the install will search the network for local servers.


8.      Finally, the software will be installed.

9.      At this point, you can navigate to Start, Programs, TF Adventure or TF Skills.  Additionally, if you are on the administrator computer, you can access the ‘Admin’, ‘Admin Help’, and the ‘Add and Remove Courses’ programs.

10.  Contact with any questions or technical issues regarding installation.