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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education
Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities Bundle - (PMLD)
Windows and Mac versions on same CD Networkable
Item #: 2191
Gr. K-0, Inclusion
Tool Factory’s Severe Disabilities Bundle is a wonderful blend of programs designed to reach students with profound and multiple learning disabilities. From sensory assessment to cause-and-effect activities this bundle will actively engage your students. Create your own stimulating multisensory environment on the computer using Tool Factory’s PMLD Bundle! The retail value is $530!

Bundle Includes:
  • SNOEZELEN Sensory Profiling and Assessment Tool
  • Picture Builder
  • Sound Beginnings Making Sounds
  • Touch It Transport
  • ReacTickles 2

Sensory Screener - SNOEZELEN Sensory Profiling and Assessment ToolSee a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
This CD ROM has been developed to produce an assessment tool that identifies areas of sensory need in individuals with limited cognitive function and physical disability. The tool is easy to administer and suitable for identifying baseline function. It provides special educators and therapists with comprehensive guidelines in the light of assessment findings. These guidelines give suggestions of how multi-sensory activity can be used given the individual's sensory area of need.
Picture Builder Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable Switch Accessible
Using colourful animated screens with music and sounds, Picture Builder attracts and holds the attention of users and is suitable for teenage and older users as well as early years pupils and the profoundly disabled. Activities aim to develop access and switch skills, using 'cause and effect' work as well as making choices and encouraging language and communication work. Activities can be accessed using switch, mouse, keyboard or voice input. This CD-ROM allows you to import files from digital pictures and scanned images, as well as offering a vast bank of images for you to choose from. It is fully configurable for the individual user and with printable user records available.
Sound Beginnings - Making Sounds Windows & Mac versions on same CD Switch Accessible
Sound Beginnings - Making Sounds is the third edition of this unique vocalization program, designed to encourage communication in young children and those with special education needs. Sound Beginnings Making Sounds encompasses even more exciting activities using voice stimulus. A simple microphone is all that is needed - no voice input training or complicated configurations are needed. This PC and MAC dual format CD-ROM includes the Racing, Jigsaw, Blow-up, Invaders and Floating activities from the PC only Sound Beginnings 1 and 2 programs.The activities are particularly suitable for students who are at the early stages of acquiring spoken language.
Touch It Transport Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable Switch Accessible
Have your students learning at an early age about road safety and different modes of transportation! Interact with your students on an individual level by importing pictures of your students or classroom objects/pets! A new feature in Touch It Transport is the ability to import your own digital images! Now you can have your learners relating not only to traffic symbols and transport vechicles but also your own digital images! Transportation objects include: motocycles, cars, planes, scotters, jeeps, taxi's, Train, Cruise Ships, Buses, Bikes, Helicopters, Commercial Airline Planes, Double Decker Bus and more. Road safety signs include: stop sign, rotary, yield, traffic light, interstate, highway exit, "Do Not Enter", pedestrian, speed limit, hospital and more.
ReacTickles 2 Windows & Mac versions on same CD Switch Accessible SMART Board Compatible
ReacTickles are highly motivating activities that help children develop concentration and attention skills, as well as encourage sharing and imaginative play and learning. The ReacTickles environment offers a safe place for autism spectrum and early learners to use technology and experience dynamic interactions where players freely explore abstract shapes and create rhythmic responses with their fingers and bodies without judgment or fear. Students develop mouse, keyboard, whiteboard, switch, and screen skills while being encouraged to communicate, use fine motor skills, and work together. The software also works well within mainstream early years settings, enabling very young children to interact and learn to communicate as individuals and within small groups.

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Minimum system requirements: PC: Pentium 400 Mhz, 64 Mb RAM, Windows 98+.

Mac: G3+, 128 Mb RAM, OSX+ or Classic OS 9.
Sequences Windows compatible Networkable Switch Accessible Gr. K-2, Inclusion
Children are rewarded with cheers as they piece together sequences. The text-free screens with colorful, simple graphics are ideal for pre-schoolers and learning disabled children. 30 sets of sequences can be printed. Flash cards included.
FacePaint 2 Windows compatible Networkable Switch Accessible Special Ed.
Create hundreds of silly faces using pictures or words! Facepaint lets non-readers build faces by choosing features from the screen. Use a microphone to make your character talk. Switch compatible, it's ideal for special needs students.