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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education
Science Bundle - Elementary
Windows and Mac versions on same CD Networkable
Item #: 2184
Grades K-5
Simulate science experiments virtually, design your own diagrams and experiments, develop scientific method skills and play games to enhance those skills with Tool Factory’s Elementary Science Bundle! This bundle begins at lower learning levels and begins to enhance scientific reasoning skills. Older students can use these skills to simulate virtual science experiments and manipulate the variables within the experiments to solve poised questions provided within the program. Fundamentals of vocabulary, diagrams, charts, databases and more are explored in Tool Factory’s Elementary Science Bundle! A retail value of $1, 240!

The bundle includes:
  • BBC Science Simulations 3 CD set
  • Simulation Explorer
  • Science Explorer I
  • Science Explorer II
  • Badger Trails
  • Tool Factory Math Draw
  • Tool Factory Database
  • Gomez Returns
  • All About Materials
  • All About Ourselves
  • All About Science with Toys
  • All About Weather and Seasons
  • Observation Skills
  • Identification Skills
  • Elementary Zone
  • Science Stars Lost in the Labyrinth
  • Science Stars Underwater Rescue

    BBC Science Simulations 1See a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable SMART Board Compatible
    Were you ever curious if a plant would grow if it were never exposed to light? Or how about what would happen in the food chain if there were no predators? Well you can explore this and more with BBC's Science Simulations 1! Each simulation provides pupils ages 5 to 7 years with the opportunity to select variables, control time and view the results of their experiments as animations and/or dynamically generated tables and graphs that chart the results of each combination of variables over time. Seven interactive simulations are provided each with dynamically generated tables and graphs. Simulations include:

  • Exercise and Health

  • Growing Plants

  • Food Chains

  • Changing materials

  • Force and movement

  • Using Electricity

  • Light and dark
  • BBC Science Simulations 2See a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable SMART Board Compatible
    With BBC Science Simulations 2 the experiments become more challenging and features are upgraded. Appropriate for ages 7-9 years, the next level from BBC Science Simulations 1, more variables are provided with more focused questions to spark experiment ideas. Now with the new Multi-sim feature you can watch the same experiment with different variables, at the same time! Simulations include:

  • Exercise and Health

  • Plants and Growth

  • Food Chains

  • Thermal Insulation

  • Electrical circuits and conductors

  • Forces and friction

  • Sun and Shadows

    View your data in table or graph view, print and save for your report later!
  • BBC Science Simulations 3See a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable SMART Board Compatible
    Designed to support and enhance the teaching of science investigation skills,

    BBC Science Simulations 3, appropriate for ages 9-13, offers seven interactive virtual experiments. From ponds to electrical circuits, and plant growth to sun/shadow movement, the software allows teachers and pupils to explore a wide range of phenomena in ways and at speeds that would be difficult to achieve in the classroom.

    Simulations include:
    • Changing State
    • Plant germination and growth
    • Food webs
    • Exercise and health
    • Electircal circuits
    • Light and shadows
    • Forces and friction

    Each simulation has been carefully tagged to allow easy integration within the class lessons.
    Simulation Explorer Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable SMART Board Compatible
    Try experiments that would be difficult or impossible in real life. Create an alien plant by experimenting with soil types, and watering with juice! Simulation Explorer is a superb new science program, jam-packed with computer simulations of real and imaginary science experiments. Run the snowball simulator and determine what angle you want the snowball thrown, and at what velocity, then click TEST to watch the animated results. The “results” button reveals the results of all trials for a side-by-side comparison. Challenge students to find the answers to focused questions, then print out a colorful reward certificate to show the level achieved. Print your simulation as a worksheet with blank lines for free writing, capture a photograph of the simulation page, or print all trial results on one page. Each simulation comes with printable worksheets, clipart, and extension exercises. Activities include alien plant, braking distances, pond habitat, throwing snowballs, and tooth decay.
    Science Explorer ISee a demo! Windows compatible Mac compatible Networkable
    Young Einsteins will love exploring this award-winning virtual museum of science. Explore seven stunning 3D galleries to complete 26 interactive experiments, study science topics, and collect observations. Teachers will love the support materials and the ability to track student progress in the Logbook feature. Amazing 3-D graphics and slide shows will totally engage budding scientists as they progress through the exciting exhibits in the Science Explorer museum.

    Topics include:

  • The human being

  • Forces and motion

  • The material world

  • Space

  • Living things

  • Electricity

  • Light and sound
  • Science Explorer IISee a demo! Windows compatible Mac compatible Networkable
    This second CD-ROM in the award-winning series provides more fantastic opportunities for scientific investigation. Students enter 6 virtual laboratories in the impressive Science Explorer station to complete 18 interactive investigations. Young scientists will learn fascinating facts and information about laboratory equipment as they explore each area of the 3-D station. Observations can be easily recorded in an on-screen lab book, and fun quizzes are available in the Think Tank. Teachers can track each student's progress in the Logbook, and print classroom support materials right from the CD!

    Topics include:

  • Gravity, springs, elastic, and air resistance.

  • Teeth, muscles, and movement.

  • Living things and microbes.

  • Mixing and separating.

  • The planets, light and dark.

  • Conductors and insulators.

  • Heat, and materials.
  • Badger TrailsSee a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Take a trip down the badger trail in this fiercely addictive science CD. Explore the world from the perspective of a badger, foraging for food, avoiding predators, and finding a den. 'See', 'hear', 'smell', and 'taste' what a badger does, and score points for successes. But be careful not to loose a life! Badger Trails is a fascinating way to develop map skills knowledge of life sciences. It's sure to delight! Winner of the 2004 Boston Museum of Science "Best Software for Kids" award.
    Tool Factory Math Draw V3See a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
    Draw, then measure….or measure, then draw! Tool Factory Math Draw has a fantastic grid feature for crafting scale drawings of experiments. The rotating ruler’s scale will automatically pick up the same grid scale. The caliper measuring tool can give automatic measurements for any edge, area, or perimeter. Dynamically show angle measurements, as you move objects around on the screen. Watch algebra and geometry classes come to life on an interactive white board! This vector-based drawing package includes a powerful range of tools for creating spectacular drawings. Using the same kid-friendly interface as the suite of programs in Tool Factory Workshop, this package is fully configurable to meet all student needs. Create lines, shapes, and other geometric drawings. Build plans and maps. Because it's vector-based, Tool Factory Draw give students the ability to easily adjust, move, and rescale the shapes they have created without losing any quality. Use a wide range of drawing tools, shading, graduated and solid fills, rotation and scaling facilities, a drawing grid, and a range of themed color palettes. In addition to all of these tools, the same bank of clip art found in Tool Factory Workshop is available right on the desktop.
    Tool Factory Database V3See a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
    Keep pace with global changes. A multi-user database allows students to work collaboratively to collect data in the same file, at the same time, across the school's network! Collaborative work is a core skill in the standards for 21st Century Learning. Like all Tool Factory Workshop products, the database is fully configurable for any age level or learning ability. The text-to-speech tools have been seamlessly integrated so every word can be spoken as the students' type. Tool Factory Database supports a wide range of file formats, making it ideal for use with a digital camera, scanner, or any clip art. The program is fully configurable for any age level or learning ability. Students can take surveys, and build their own database in a matter of minutes. There's a fantastic graphing feature that lets you build colorful charts and graphs in just a few mouse clicks. Extensive search and sorting capabilities give you the power to quickly wrangle large amounts of information with ease. Any database can be viewed as a list or spreadsheet to quickly show all the records at once.
    Gomez ReturnsSee a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
    Arch-villain and infamous nature-hater Gomez is on the loose again! Your students must track him down before he causes devastating damage to the environment.

    Gomez Returns uses simulated monitoring equipment and a range of engaging scenarios to develop children's understanding of sensors and data logging and interpretation. By monitoring a range of variables including light, temperature, sound and weather conditions, children will gain an extensive understanding of how and why monitoring equipment can be used and develop knowledge and skills that are easily transferable to real life data-logging and monitoring situations.
    All About MaterialsSee a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    To rescue the king in the weird and wobbly land of the Green Jelly, you must know the properties of materials. This easy-to-use software offers a medley of activities and experiments designed to teach young children about the nature of materials ranging from metal to fabric. Includes a notepad with talking word banks, narrated text, photographs, slide shows, Venn diagrams, fun quizzes, and a weblink.
    All About OurselvesSee a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Young children will see themselves in a whole new light with this addition to the best-selling "All About..." series. Early readers explore the senses and express their thoughts and preferences with the aid of word banks. Full speech support, talking stories, and slide shows make the program fun for non-readers as well. Simple drag-and-drop activities incorporate topics such as growing up and eating well. Activities include: Look and Listen, Taste, Body Jigsaw, Growing up Sequences, Pictogram, X-Ray Machine, and Make a Face.
    All About Science with Toys Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Young learners discover science and physical processes using their favorite toys. The latest program in the popular All About Series, All About Toys is a visually stimulating and an extremely motivating program. All on screen text will be read aloud if clicked, making All About Toys suitable for use with early or non-readers. Introduce students to a variety of new skills through six menus and fifteen interactive activities. Topics include light and dark, sound and hearing, using electricity, pushes and pulls, forces, and movement.
    All About Weather and Seasons Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    What happens to apples in the fall? Early and non-readers will learn all about weather and the seasons as they interact with the colorful, animated screens of this lively program. Engaging activities allow children to explore how weather relates to people, their surroundings, their feelings, and the food they eat. Children will be inspired to use topic-related word banks to write about their new knowledge in this easy-to-use program for young learners.
    Observation Skills Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable Switch Accessible SMART Board Compatible
    Observation skills are central to the development of scientific knowledge and vital for the development of mathematical concepts such as pattern and shape. Observation Skills focuses on helping student develop the skills they need to recognize and understand pattern and shape. By observing shapes carefully, learners can begin to recognize and discriminate difficult numbers, letters, and symbol such as 5 and S, or 9, b, d, p and q or h, n and m. The clear, simple interface makes navigating the software a cinch. The series is switch-enabled, providing equal access to learners with special needs.
    Identification Skills Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable Switch Accessible SMART Board Compatible
    Identification Skills is designed to focus students' attention on the development of word to picture association as well as identifying attributes of given objects. Both of these skills are fundamental in learning to identify and sort objects. At the same time there are opportunities for the development of listening skills, vocabulary extension, and the ability to follow instructions. The activities in this program include: Find, Size, Color, and Match. Each activity has four levels of difficulty, plus a choice of these eight familiar topics: food, home, clothes, animals, play, transport, letters, and numbers. Every activity can be played with numbers, words, or pictures, plus each activity screen provides full audio support. Teacher options can be used to configure timing, font and background colors, pointer size, difficulty levels, and activity selection.
    Science Stars Lost in the LabyrinthSee a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    A group of archaeologists find themselves trapped in the Labyrinth on Force Island. Only the elite group of scientists known as the Science Stars Task Force can rescue them - but they need the help of your students. So begins a gripping adventure in which children build their knowledge of forces and motion as they overcome the challenges encountered during the rescue.

    Ideal for small group work, students develop their experimental skills through four engrossing activities and two levels of difficulty. Each activity is supported with interactive explanations of key learning points. There is also full narration to ensure good accessibility for less advanced readers.

    Topics inlcude:
  • Forcemeters
  • Friction
  • Water resistance
  • Air resistance
  • Gravity
  • Science Stars Underwater RescueSee a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Construction workers are building an underwater observation laboratory when an explosion corrupts their computer, locking the electronic doors. The Science Stars enlist the help of students to get vital supplies of food and water to the workers and fix their computer before they run out of air. This thrilling science adventure extends children's understanding of forces and motion with four engaging activities supported by interactive explanations and full narration.

    Key Content:
  • Gravity and upthrust
  • Stretching and pulling
  • Direction and size of forces
  • Revising forces
  • Air and water resistance

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    Minimum system requirements: Pentium 500 Mhz, 128Mb RAM, soundcard, Windows 98+, Power Mac G4, 256Mb RAM, OSX (Science Diagrams and Gomez Returns Windows Only)
    All About Series - 7 CD Set Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable Gr. K-3, Inclusion
    Children explore and learn, all with simple clicks of the mouse. The award-winning series includes: All About Ourselves, All About Weather and Seasons, All About Shape and Space, All About Materials, All About Number at Level 1, All About Number at Level 2 and All About Toys.
    BBC Science Simulations - 3 CD Set Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable SMART Board Compatible Grades K-6
    Watch virtual Science experiments come to life with BBC Science Simulation's 3 CD set. Each CD caters to a different age level, with each increasing level providing more variables and ways to manipulate the 7 provided simulations. This set will keep kids entertained for hours!
    Sherston Skills Builders - 6 CD Set Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable Switch Accessible SMART Board Compatible Gr. K-2, Inclusion
    interactive, whiteboard, smart, IWB