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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education
Tool Factory IT System
Windows compatible Networkable
Item #: 2174
Gr. K-13+, Inclusion
Tool Factory's IT System fulfulls all your software technology needs with one single purchase. It compiles a variety of core curriculum skills-development programs, most major tools and applications, and online subscription resources for teachers and students alike. Most programs follow similar formats, making professional development training a cinch, and creating an easier learning environment for students. Nearly every program integrates digital photos and most have speech feedback for auditory and visual learners. Let Tool Factory be the solution for all your school's IT needs. With the 25 programs listed below, you'll save over $2,500!

The system includes:
  • Tool Factory Podcasting
  • Tool Factory Movie Maker
  • Fresco
  • Tool Factory Home Page
  • Worksheet Station
  • Tool Factory Reader with Scanning
  • Clip Art Station
  • Elementary Zone
  • Tool Factory Beep
  • Tool Factory Musical Monsters - 3 CD Set
  • Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure
  • Tool Factory Keyboarding Skills
  • Tool Factory Phonics System (Phonics 1-4, 177 Magnetic Letters, 9 Board Games)
  • Tool Factory Workshop Deluxe - 8 CD Set (Word Processor, Math Draw, Spreadsheet, Database, Painter, Decision Tree, Slide Show, and Logo)
  • Tool Factory Resources Bank – Get hundreds of copyright-free clip art files and templates.
  • Free Online Training Program for Workshop Deluxe – Visit www.toolfactory.com

    Tool Factory Movie MakerSee a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
    Capture your audience with Tool Factory Movie Maker. Editing video clips and claymation have never been this easy! Edit together video clips, photos, text, and sound effects to create your very own studio-quality movie production. The simple click-and-drag interface allows you to easily browse for clips and add them to the movie timeline. There are hundreds of clip art files to select from, but artists can always create their own original files using the built-in video capture feature. This is a fantastic program for creating claymation or Disney-style animation. Browse for a whole group of sequential images, and insert them all-at-once onto the timeline. Click the 'play' button and watch your sequential animation, come to life before your eyes!
    FrescoSee a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
    This paint program is an art teacher's dream! It simulates real painting tools including crayons, charcoal, pastel, airbrush and watercolor. Choose from a variety of paper types and canvases, and experiment with symmetry and tiling effects. Use the picture brushes for truly creative effects and select from multiple paint palettes. Fresco is customizable for all ages. There are four built-in levels and teachers have the option to create new levels to meet the needs of individuals or groups of students. Ideal for use with a whiteboard, projector, or pressure sensitive pen tablet.
    Worksheet StationSee a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Go to http://www.worksheetstation.com and get a great collection of worksheets to use in your classroom! Our library of worksheets is perfect for students, teachers, and families.Imagine doing away with the last minute rush of creating worksheets before class! Tool Factory has created the solution for you - www.worksheetstation.com! This online subscription service has worksheets from any subject you can imagine and at any level! The worksheets are saved in multiple formats, so they will be sure to fit your classroom needs.
    Clip Art StationSee a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Visit http://www.clipartstation.com and get a great collection of photos and sound clips to use in projects! Our library of photographs and artwork is perfect for students, teachers, and families. Subscribers get instant access to the full library of artwork posted on Clip Art Station. Download images and get busy building class projects.

    Subscribers get to download an unlimited number of images for one week, one month, or one year. There's even a school version that allows an unlimited number of users from a single school to access the site for a full year. This is great for students who need photos for school projects or homework.
    Tool Factory Beep! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Have you ever painted a picture that sings as you draw? Well now you can with Tool Factory Beep! Based on the themes of creative play and exploration, students get absolutely hooked on Beep! Activities encourage emerging learners to express their ideas, while developing important IT skills and building confidence with the computer. Navigate a maze and develop spatial orientation skills. Dress the creature and spark lively discussion. Use the word robot to develop word recognition. Animate characters with simple mouse clicks to build confidence. There are endless opportunities for creative thinking and discussion. Tool Factory Beep! is ideal for early learners, autism, and pre-readers. Clip art library included for printing and coloring.
    Tool Factory Mini Musical Monsters Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Create melodies, compose songs and even learn the notes of popular tunes using Mini Musical Monsters! Mini Musical Monsters contains six engaging musical activities for 3 - 5 year-olds. Children can have fun experimenting with music making, rhythms and sound effects. Mini Musical Monsters is also ideal for developing vital ICT skills and will quickly build confidence in novice computer users - any mouse click or keyboard press will produce interesting results! Mini Musical Monsters contains no speech and does not require reading skills. It is a valuable addition to an early years or foundation stage setting.
    Tool Factory Musical Monsters Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Musical Monsters is so easy to use that anyone can create a tune! Build rhythms and melodies by putting the singing creatures onto the music board, then listen and watch the results. Early learners quickly gain confidence to create their own sound patterns without assistance. Listen to, evaluate, and reshape each tune while exploring the composition process. A simple click on the MIDI button will save files for later play, or for development of a live performance.
    Tool Factory More Musical Monsters Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Fun creatures will play anything from an acoustic piano, to the sound effects of a seashore! Choose the creature, select the tone, assign a sound effect, then click your way to a masterpiece! Added features make it ideal for teaching music at any elementary ability level. Various note lengths and grid sizes can be selected, and the C-major scale can be labeled for an introduction to musical notation. Tool Factory More Musical Monsters contains a library of resources including pre-recorded tunes, sounds samples, 120 instruments, and even printable lesson plans. Sound files (.WAV) can be recorded and incorporated into a symphony!
    Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure - Improve Keyboarding Skills the fun way!See a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Embark on an action packed touch-typing adventure through the Australian Outback with your animated young guide Kewala the Koala! Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure includes 10 elementary-level units carefully designed to lead students through a progression of keyboarding skills in either English or Spanish. The first 8 adventures teach students to type with ten fingers while developing the ability to read while typing. Selected letter combinations are grouped to develop basic recognition and location knowledge. Then, lessons are constructed with complete English sentences and become part of a developing storyline. Students type faster so Kewala will avoid constant perils and survive his journey to the Kingdom of Eaz!

    The program illustrates proper posture and hand positioning for development of good ergonomic habits right from the beginning. The 9th and 10th challenges develop speed and accuracy with occasional nonsense words utilized to practice unusual letter combinations and develop concentration skills. Teacher controls include the ability to change font sizes, colors, select 2 spaces between sentences, and select hard return or space at the end of a line. Detailed tracking, reporting and class management features included. With clever commentary and enthusiasm Kewala motivates children to keep typing without ever knowing that they are learning!
    Tool Factory Keyboarding Skills - Improve Keyboarding Skills!See a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Improve your touch-typing skills by 40% in just 10 easy lessons! Over 4 million people have been trained worldwide with this system, available in both English and Spanish! Appropriate for students, teachers and parents alike, Tool Factory Keyboarding Skills monitors every keystroke to create a personal course for every learner so that keyboarding skills are developed in the shortest amount of time possible. Ideal for self-study, the friendly instructor reinforces instruction and patiently helps with small difficulties, providing extra exercises to eliminate weaknesses. Each lesson is modeled on English sentences, helping emerging typists to feel more relaxed as they construct familiar words. Occasional nonsense drills are included to build concentration and to practice unusual letter combinations. There is even a course for commonly used punctuation keys, a number keypad course, a speed builder and advanced user course. Clear reports are displayed at the end of every lesson, and users can view progress at any time during the course with a Statement of Proficiency or Progress Reports. The Admin program makes it simple to manage large user groups, sort and search data, print reports and generate completion certificates.
    Clusters Phonics Game
    Clusters is color coded to match the CD-ROM series! This exciting word-building game includes 100 plastic tiles in 10 bright colors representing the most common letter groups found in the English language. The two-tiered tile holders provide up to four players with workspaces to create their own words in preparation for play. Tiles include double vowels, digraphs, blends, silent letters and more. This game can be played with standard rules, or with exciting variations.
    Eight Spelling Board Game
    Eight different, irresistible board games reinforce letter-sound relationships in a fun and interactive way. Includes 8 laminated games, 30 counters and dice.

    The games include:

    • Alphabet

    • Digraphs

    • Medial Vowels

    • Rimes

    • Blends

    • Vowel Phonemes

    • Silent “e”

    • Sight Words
    Magnetic Letters
    Give kids the practice they need to master word building…one sound at a time! Each magnetic set listed includes 35 consonants and 13 vowels…all color-coded to make word building a breeze. Plastic letters are 1"-1 1/2". Package includes two sets of lowercase and one set up uppercase letters.
    Tool Factory Phonics 1 Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Early readers will love the captivating stories and imaginative activities in Tool Factory Phonics 1! The first in a series of 4 CD-ROMs focuses on consonants, vowels, and h-digraphs. Every Tool Factory Phonics program follows an easy-to-use layout, based around 3 sequential activities for teaching each letter/sound relationship. Start by selecting a target sound from the group such as ‘b’. Listen to a captivating story that includes many ‘b’ words. Next, students are challenged to find the ‘b’ sound on each story page. Finally, learners will create words from a selection of letters and letter sounds with common distracters. Students will be captivated as they separate sounds into groups, select a sound and play the three activities for every sound!
    Tool Factory Phonics 2 Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Explore the world of reading through the exciting and creative poems in Smart Phonics 2! The second in a series of 4 CD-ROMs focuses on digraph endings, blends and blend endings. The Smart Phonics software follows an easy-to-use layout, based around 3 activities for teaching each letter/sound relationship. These are: listen to the poem, find the sound, and make words. The main menu provided separates sounds into groups, select a sound, with corresponding picture to play the three activities for each sound! Featuring: 21 most common blend beginnings, 7 most common blend endings and 5 most common digraph endings!
    Tool Factory Phonics 3 Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Discover the world of vowels using the fun and creative poems in Smart Phonics 3! The third in a series of 4 CD-ROMs, which focus on vowel phonemes. The Smart Phonics software follows an easy-to-use layout, based around 3 activities for teaching each letter/sound relationship. These are: listen to the poem, find the sound, and make words. The main menu provided separates sounds into groups; select a sound, with corresponding picture to play the three activities for each sound! Featuring: 3 letter blend beginnings, Magic 'e', vowel digraphs, changeable vowel sounds, and 'R' controlled vowel sounds. Appropriate for ages 6-7+ or those with reading difficulties.
    Tool Factory Phonics 4 Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Focus on short and long vowel sounds using a strategy of listen-find-make. Students first listen to engaging rhyming stories, next they find the target sound in the lines of text as they “see” and “hear” the tale unfold, finally they build the word using carefully designed phonics activities that let them see and hear the sounds. Special activities target vowel sounds and all the different spellings for those sounds. Activities cover short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, and 'R' controlled vowel sounds.
    Tool Factory Word Processor V3See a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
    We guarantee this is the most child-friendly word processor you've ever used. Click anywhere on the page and just start typing - it's as easy as pencil and paper. With full multimedia support, you can drag-and-drop photographs, drawings, video, and audio…and your images stay right where you put them! You'll spend hours creating presentations, projects, and flyers based on the huge collection of clip art which is included on the desktop. Craft impressive book reports, journals, presentations, and posters using simple animation features, character speech, and graphics tools. Creating a classroom newspaper is a breeze with V3's linking tool, which allows users to auto fill from one column to another column anywhere in the document! The text-to-speech tools are totally adaptable with a new "sound it out" feature that can speak phonic letter blends as you type. Change to a male or female voice, adjust the speed of the speech, and hi-light every word as the speech engine reads aloud. The interface can be simplified with larger icons, or less icons for younger users. There are loads of activity ideas on Tool Factory's website along with a free download-ready training program. It's ideal for use with a whiteboard.
    Tool Factory Painter V3See a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
    This is one powerful art program! Like all the other Tool Factory Workshop applications, Tool Factory Painter is fully configurable to the age and abilities of any student. You get full control of the pen size, shape, and density. The stamping feature lets you easily grab clip art or photographs, and stamp them onto the page. Students will be stunned by the realism of the different painting tools. There are hundreds of images provided with the program, but you can always use your own pictures. Tool Factory Painter is ideal for use with a digital camera or scanner. Transfer your photographs and drag them right onto the canvas. Then use the photos handles to resize and crop your images. The crop feature is now built in. There's also an "Acquire" feature which allows you to capture a live image, right off your camera or video webcam.
    Tool Factory Spreadsheet V3See a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
    Finally, there's a spreadsheet designed for 21st Century learners! Start the kids calculating on Tool Factory Spreadsheet in kindergarten, then switch to Microsoft Excel by middle school. All the formulas work in the same way, but you have a lot more instructional options to guide your students. Drop a spreadsheet anywhere on the page. Connect the tables using simple algebraic formulas, and watch the answers play out dynamically. Use the interactive graphing feature to insert all the common types of charts and graphs. Watch your graph automatically update as students enter values into the spreadsheet's cells. Use this feature on a whiteboard and discuss relationships between numbers with the entire class. At the click of a mouse you can enhance any spreadsheet with pictures, video, and sound effects. Click-and-type to add instructions to the margins or record the instructions using the built-in sound recorder. There's even a voice engine that reads the text out loud.
    Tool Factory Database V3See a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
    Keep pace with global changes. A multi-user database allows students to work collaboratively to collect data in the same file, at the same time, across the school's network! Collaborative work is a core skill in the standards for 21st Century Learning. Like all Tool Factory Workshop products, the database is fully configurable for any age level or learning ability. The text-to-speech tools have been seamlessly integrated so every word can be spoken as the students' type. Tool Factory Database supports a wide range of file formats, making it ideal for use with a digital camera, scanner, or any clip art. The program is fully configurable for any age level or learning ability. Students can take surveys, and build their own database in a matter of minutes. There's a fantastic graphing feature that lets you build colorful charts and graphs in just a few mouse clicks. Extensive search and sorting capabilities give you the power to quickly wrangle large amounts of information with ease. Any database can be viewed as a list or spreadsheet to quickly show all the records at once.
    Tool Factory Decision Tree V3See a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
    Tool Factory Decision Tree is an innovative tool that gives students the power to build decision trees using text, pictures, and audio. Students are encouraged to sort and classify information as they formulate "yes" or "no" questions to divide and subdivide information and photographs. Banks of words, pictures and sounds give students loads of curriculum-related content to get started. Simple mouse clicks are all that's necessary to add information to the starter set, and easy steps lead users to categorize each item. The result is a poster-sized decision tree that can be saved or printed out for projects, bulletin boards, and work away from the computer. Zoom in and out, view work as a map, or edit questions through a clearly designed tool bar. Students have full control over their branching decision trees.
    Tool Factory Math Draw V3See a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
    Draw, then measure….or measure, then draw! Tool Factory Math Draw has a fantastic grid feature for crafting scale drawings of experiments. The rotating ruler’s scale will automatically pick up the same grid scale. The caliper measuring tool can give automatic measurements for any edge, area, or perimeter. Dynamically show angle measurements, as you move objects around on the screen. Watch algebra and geometry classes come to life on an interactive white board! This vector-based drawing package includes a powerful range of tools for creating spectacular drawings. Using the same kid-friendly interface as the suite of programs in Tool Factory Workshop, this package is fully configurable to meet all student needs. Create lines, shapes, and other geometric drawings. Build plans and maps. Because it's vector-based, Tool Factory Draw give students the ability to easily adjust, move, and rescale the shapes they have created without losing any quality. Use a wide range of drawing tools, shading, graduated and solid fills, rotation and scaling facilities, a drawing grid, and a range of themed color palettes. In addition to all of these tools, the same bank of clip art found in Tool Factory Workshop is available right on the desktop.
    Tool Factory Logo V3See a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
    Tool Factory Logo provides endless opportunities to develop problem-solving and investigation skills. Logo is a computer programming language that is so simple, student in early elementary can succeed. Create simple commands, as well as sophisticated programming strategies. Attach a photograph or a piece of clip art as your “turtle” and watch it obey simple movement commands. The program includes a range of turtles, backgrounds, and resources appropriate for each level. The control pad is configurable for various ability levels with a progressive feature set that makes it suitable for all ages. Turn on "trails" and with a few simple commands, the “turtle” will draw a fancy spiro-graph flower on a very colorful background. Explore angles, measures, and logic. The flexibility of the program allows it to support simple computer graphics as well as sophisticated programming techniques. The familiar and kid-friendly interface found on all the programs in Tool Factory Workshop has been used here as well, making it easy for students to move from one program to the next.

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    Minimum system requirements: Win: Compatible with Win 95/98/2000/ME/XP, 32 Mb RAM, 16 Bit Color, 800X600, 4X CD