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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education
Flash Drive - USB xD Picture Card Reader/Writer
Windows and Mac versions on same CD
Item #: MAUSB-500
Gr. K-12, Inclusion
The MAUSB is our favorite pick for transferring your photos. This sleek, USB reader/writer is designed to transform an xD-picture card into a portable storage device, capable of transporting not only images, but audio, video and data. Compatible with high-speed USB 2.0 (and USB 1.1), the MAUSB-500 is small enough to carry in your pocket, but powerful enough to hold up to and including a 2 GB xD card in capacity.

Priced for value, the MAUSB-500 is an essential accessory to any xD-compatible camera.

Benefits of the MAUSB-500:
  • Auto-connects to USB port. Operating system software automatically recognizes the device.
  • No batteries or AC adapter required.
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC (Windows 98 SE users will need to download driver software from software download page.
  • Maximum read speed of 3.5 MB/sec and write speed of 0.5 MB/sec.
  • Small size: measures 2.5" x .75" x .38" and weighs only 14 grams.

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    2 GB xD Card Windows & Mac versions on same CD Gr. K-12, Inclusion
    The Olympus xD-Picture Card™ is compact for smaller and more stylish digital devices. It’s powerful for amazing memory capacity now, and increased memory capacity in the future.