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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education
Educator's Guide to Fundraising - Book/CD Set
Windows compatible Mac compatible
Item #: FBook
Gr. K-13+, Inclusion
Learn the fundamentals of fundraising and grant writing in Tool Factory’s Educators Guide to Fundraising. The book covers the concepts of fundraising and grant writing, as well as providing the tools necessary to conquer these ideas. The guide includes worksheets and templates to get you started as well as ways to advertise your fundraising efforts! Discover grant-writing tips and additional online resources to jump-start your grant research.

  • Grant Writing Guide - Step by step instructions on proven grant writing practices and in depth tips to create compelling grant applications. This section goes over an 8 step process from research to proofreading and everything in between. There is also a listing of many online grant resources to assist in your grant research.
  • Letter Writing Campaign - As part of your fundraising campaign, use the templates and examples prepared in the Letter Writing Campaign chapter. Letter writing has been a proven effective method in which schools can fundraise easily and inexpensively, while also teaching ‘letter writing’ as a part of the basic curriculum. Take advantage of the 5-step method to running an effective fundraising campaign and read about success stories using this process!
  • Bonus CD - The book also comes with a companion CD containing all worksheets and templates in a printable format. Edit the forms and templates in an electronic format and make them your own. Print and duplicate to share with your class or faculty!
ISBN# 0-9726807-4-8

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Minimum system requirements: WinXP or Vista
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