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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education
Olympus Digital Voice Recorder DM-901
Windows and Mac versions on same CD
Item #: DM-901
Gr. K-13+, Inclusion
The new DM-901 unites premium sound quality with new mobile features for easy note-taking in any situation. For the first time on an Olympus recorder, Wi-Fi links the DM-901 to a user’s smartphone, from which an available app can remotely trigger the DM-901 to record on command. This feature is ideal for capturing events when there is a significant distance between the user and the speaker.


Use photos from your smartphone as a visual index

Images taken by your smartphone’s camera during recording can be used as a visual index by linking them to the timeline. The visual index makes it easier for you to search or manage your recording than relying simply on audio and text.


The latest directivity control technology has been used to make it possible to switch direction with the "+" and "-" buttons. It provides value by zooming in on audio sources when recording a discussion or lecture from a distant position or when recording in an environment in which there is a lot of ambient sound. The new zoom microphone mode adjusts the recording level higher according to the zoom.

Recording hours and battery life

The DM-901 offers 850 hours of recording time and an impressive 29 hours of battery life.

Write notes efficiently with Voice Playback

By using the Voice Playback function, the recorder skips the non-voice and dead air parts of the recording and only plays back where there is sound. For example, if 70% of the recording is conversation, a one-hour recording can be shortened to approximately. 40 minutes. This allows you to more efficiently transcribe your recording into notes or meeting minutes.

Voice Balancer

When recording in large rooms, the recording levels of each sound tend to vary due to different distances and positional relationships with respect to sound sources. Even in these cases, the Voice Balancer function adjusts the volume levels of all speakers to a certain level so that it is more clear to hear.

Noise cancellation for clear playback quality

The noise-cancellation function powerfully reduces unwanted ambient noise such as air-conditioner noise or projector fan noise and enables clear playback quality. The function is very effective when playing back meeting recordings.

Voice Guidance

The voice guidance feature can read out the names of menu items on the screen so you can operate with confidence by touch alone.

Enhanced Screen and User interface

The DM-901 offers a high definition 2” color LCD which perfectly showcases the new user interface.
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Minimum system requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista™

Note: Windows Media Player - MAC version is available for free download. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/
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