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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education
Digital Photography for Educators - Book/CD Set
Windows and Mac versions on same CD
Item #: DCBook
Grades K-13+
Learn the basics of digital photography and get step-by-step instruction on digital cameras. It's a great resource for teachers who need visual instructions at-a-glance. Simply browse the pictures for a quick understanding of the camera's icons and functions. Read the text for more indepth understanding of camera features and photography. It's packed with easy charts and visual images which "show" you how to use the camera. Bonus CD includes a 80 slide photography course.

The book is authored by Mike Smith, a former photography and yearbook teacher; and Heather Chirtea, Tool Factory's 7-year digital camera training veteran and former dark-room fanatic. Mike brings all the photography experience and bridges the gap between film and digital medium. Mike has compiled a collection of vivid photographs which demonstrate the rules of composition and show commonly made mistakes. Heather has created visual charts to show teachers how to turn on and off features for digital cameras made by any manufacturer. This book is a wonderful practical guide to using a digital camera, and taking better photographs. All of the materials were developed as a result of practical hands-on training in schools.

The book also comes with a companion CD containing an 80-slide PowerPoint presentation about photography. Vivid images give firsthand examples of proper shooting techniques. Learn or teach the rules of photography and get some great tips that will make anyone a better photographer!


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