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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education
Complete HD Interactive Claymation Kit - Animation in HD - Stop Motion Pro, Microsoft HD Webcam, Green Screen & More!
See a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
Item #: 9220
Grades 4-12
Full Cost of Bundled Items: $620.00
Bundle Price: $499.00
You Save: $121.00 (20%)

Claymation is a fun and powerfully motivating tool for students. It's hands on, social and uses digital technology. Students can work cooperatively on cross-curricular projects that hone their skills in communication, creative arts, social interaction, writing, language arts, science and technology.

The Complete Interactive Claymation Kit has all the tools and instructions you'll need to have students create animations as part of their curricular projects. Whether it's a lesson plan on ancient history, literature, science processes or mathematics, animations are a great tool for visualizing and learning a wide range of topics.

This kit combines powerful and practical stop motion animation tools for creating interactive, multiple character claymations in high definition with lip sync software for bringing the clay characters to life! We include a chromakey green screen for background magic!

This kit includes:
  • Stop Motion Pro Action HD - Easy-to-use stop motion animation software lets you preview your animation as you film it. Stop Motion Pro Action HD provides you all the animation features used by the Pros! Single computer license.
  • 2 Aluminum Humanoid Armatures - Give your character a backbone with this armature kit.
  • 6 Packs of Claytoon Modeling Clay - Featuring neutral, primary, and earth tones.
  • Microsoft LifeCam Studio 1080p HD Webcam - For capturing your animation frames into Stop Motion Pro.
  • Gorillapod flexible magnetic tripod
  • Lip Sync Pro - Great for planning ("breaking down") dialogue for animation
  • Two sets of Lip Sync Mouth Shape Kit - Set of 15 "sausage style" mouth shapes
  • Four sets of acrylic eyes for your clay characters in a variety of sizes and colors
  • One chromakey studio green screen
  • Blue Putty Tack for positioning props & characters
  • Beginner's Guide to Animation Book - Everything you need to know about animation in a beautifully illustrated book!
Stop Motion Pro, the software used included in this kit, was recently used in the production of The Pirates! Band of Misfits Watch the movie trailer below:

If you are having trouble ordering, purchase orders can be faxed to (802) 375-6860, emailed to orders@toolfactory.com, or you can use a credit card over the phone - (800) 220-8386

Stop Motion Pro Studio Plus - New Version 8See a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
Created for animation professionals, Stop Motion Pro Studio Plus is perfect for secondary and postsecondary institutions interested in making HD animations with the best tools available. Used in the filming of Aardman Animation Studio's Wallace & Gromit films, Stop Motion Pro makes it easy for learners to produce high-quality animations. Studio Plus is the total solution for high schools, universities, creative professionals and studios alike.
Aluminum Humanoid Armature
The Basic Aluminum Humanoid Armature Kit contains all the materials you need to build your very own animation armature that’s ready to flesh out in clay/sponge or fabric with no need for gluing or soldering, and its fully customizable design will suit most character's needs!
3 Pack Van Aken Clay
Perfect for use with any Humanoid Armatures, these 3 packages of Van Aken Clay provide a great material for composing an animation figure. Cool, Neutral and Earth colors are included in the 3 pack. The non-hardening modeling clay is individually cello wrapped for freshness and color brilliance.
Microsoft LifeCam Studio 1080p HD Webcam Windows & Mac versions on same CD
The closest to being there. Experience the amazing clarity and detail of HD video. With brilliant color and crystal-clear audio, this webcam with a 1080p HD widescreen sensor and high-precision optics bring your far-away friends and family closer than ever before. Optimized for Windows Live and Windows 7, the LifeCam Studio is also the perfect web camera for using with Stop Motion Pro for stop motion animation.
Gorillapod Magnetic Tripod
The world’s most adaptable tripod just got more versatile! The Gorillapod, featuring flexible, wrappable legs, has long been the most versatile tripod for photographers on the go. With the addition of superstrong magnets in the feet, you can now position the flexible tripod on any magnetic surface. The magnetic feet, together with Joby’s award winning ball-and-socket legs ensure that the Gorillapod Magnetic will firmly secure your compact digital camera or mini video camera to virtually any surface!
Lip Sync ProSee a demo! Windows compatible
Give your characters a voice with Stop Motion Pro's new stand-alone lip sync tool! Lip Sync Pro provides you with a simple and way to animate mouths in sync with voice actors.

Lip Sync Pro is a software application for planning ("breaking down") dialogue for animation. Breaking down dialogue before filming means you can save time and focus on your character's performance.

Voice actors record your clay character's lines, then using Lip Sync Pro, simply sync the voice to the corresponding mouth shapes.
Lip Sync Mouth Shape Kit
Perfect for use with Lip Sync Pro, this Lip Sync Mouth Shape Kit contains a total of 12 mouth shapes covering vowels and consonants, and a range of emotions. Each mouth, when painted, is designed to look like it has been sculpted from plasticine/clay, and they’re totally reusable, which speeds up the stop motion and lip syncing process.
Acrylic Eyes for Animation Puppets - 10 mm
These eyes are beautifully realistic and add that perfect finishing touch to your character. They are tear-dropped shaped, but are easily modified to enable animation. This is done by simply filing off the rear section of the eye to produce a more rounded shape. Many animators however, find that they are fine just the way they are. They are sold in pairs. Eyes available in blue, brown, green and grey.
Chromakey Background Green Screen - 3' x 4.5"
The Chromakey Background Green Screen is ideal for creating green screen backgrounds for your claymation and animation video projects. This product contains one Studio Green Chromakey Muslin Backdrop and one Muslin Backdrop Protector.
Blue Tack Poster Putty
Blue tack poster putty is great for stop motion morphing animations and for securing objects during animation creation. Pack includes two ounces of putty.
Beginner's Guide to Animation
A great accompaniment to Stop Motion Pro, Mary Murphy's Beginner's Guide to Animation shows you how easy and fun it can be to animate your own stop motion films. This student-friendly book covers everything you need to know to get started!

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Minimum system requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 compatible, 1.8 + Ghz CPU, 1 GB + meg RAM, 10 Gig hard drive space. Stop Motion Pro can work on an intel MAC if Apple bootcamp and a version of Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 is installed.

Professional Plus Humanoid Armature Kit Grades 7-13+
The Professional Plus Humanoid Armature Kit is perfect for animation students and professionals alike, and comes complete with everything you need to make your own high quality armature.
3 Pack Van Aken Clay Grades 4-13+
Perfect for use with any Humanoid Armatures, these 3 packages of Van Aken Clay provide a great material for composing an animation figure. Cool, Neutral and Earth colors are included in the 3 pack. The non-hardening modeling clay is individually cello wrapped for freshness and color brilliance.
Plastina Clay for Animation Modeling (1 Pound Brick) Grades 4-13+
This pigmented, oil-based modeling compound is a favorite of sculptors, model makers, clay animators, and artists of all ages. The clay has a smooth consistency and brilliant color range. Mix colors with ivory and white to obtain tints, with black to achieve shades, and with each other to achieve intermediate hues.