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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education
STEM Software Bundle for Upper Elementary (4-6)
Windows compatible
Item #: 2231-U
Gr. 4-6, Inclusion
The Upper Elementary STEM Bundle offers 11 software titles and a great webcam for students in upper elementary grades. With programs that address Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, this bundle covers all of the bases in a fun and engaging way for students in grades 4-6 as well as offers additional opportunities to explore new topics.

Science titles for this bundle include:
  • The Future is Wild
  • Gomez Returns
  • BBS Science Simulations 3
  • Return to Mechania
  • Science Stars: Underwater Rescue
Technology titles for this bundle include:
  • Stop Motion Pro Action!
  • Mission Control V2
  • Crystal Rainforest V2
  • Tool Factory Logo
  • Return to Mechania
  • Science Stars: Underwater Rescue
Mathematics titles for this bundle include:
  • Crystal Rainforest V2
  • Tool Factory Math Draw V3
  • Return to Mechania
  • Numeracy Bank 5
All titles are tested Windows 7 compatible (32 & 64 Bit installations). The bundle is meant to be installed on a single workstation. Additional pricing options are available for multiple computer and site licenses. Contact us at 800-220-8386 for multiple license pricing.

Complete Specifications of the Upper Elementary STEM Bundle:
  • 1 BBC Science Simulations 3 CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Crystal Rainforest V2 CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Gomez Returns CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Mission Control V2 CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Numeracy Bank 5 CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Return to Mechania CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Science Stars: Underwater Rescue CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Stop Motion Pro Action! CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Microsoft LifeCam VX-800 webcam
  • 1 The Future is Wild CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Tool Factory Logo CD-ROM/License
  • 1 Tool Factory Math Draw V3 CD-ROM/License

Microsoft LifeCam VX-800 Webcam Windows & Mac versions on same CD
It’s easy to share your experiences. The Microsoft VX-800 Webcam offers everything you need to video chat or take pictures directly with your computer. Optimized for Windows Live and Windows 7, the VX-800 is also a great web camera for using with Stop Motion Pro for stop motion animation. Perfect for computer lab workstations and basic video needs.
The Future is Wild Windows compatible
The Future is Wild turns users into time-traveling students who learn about habitats, interdependence and adaptation through immersive simulation. This exciting new software provides a platform for students to improve their science, geography, and ICT skills as they explore an interpretation of our world 5 million, 100 million and 200 million years in the future.

  • Three activity levels
  • Focused assignments
  • A free Explore mode
  • Video clips and rotating 3D creature models
  • A built-in tracking and reporting feature to monitor student achievement
Mission Control V2 Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
This superb introduction to control technology will take your pupils on a gripping adventure to save an endangered forest. The nine fully-narrated, interactive activities simulate a range of control scenarios, helping your class to develop the essential knowledge required to understand control technology in a meaningful and motivating way... and all without a real wire in sight!
Crystal Rainforest V2 Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable SMART Board Compatible
A terrible tragedy has occurred! The King of the Kingdom of Azon has been poisoned while trying to protect the rainforest from being cut down. Now you, with the help of Professor Roberts, must find the crystals in the middle of the rainforest to save the King. Hurry there isn’t much time! The Crystal Rain Forest V2 adventure introduces, develops and teaches Logo, a simple computing language. Crystal Rain Forest V2 encourages the development of logical problem solving skills by introducing students to Logo’s simple commands, repeats, and builds. Develop mathematical skills in estimating, angles and shapes, planning, logic, and extensive problem solving. Fantastic adventure and complete Logo programming language included!
Gomez ReturnsSee a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
Arch-villain and infamous nature-hater Gomez is on the loose again! Your students must track him down before he causes devastating damage to the environment.

Gomez Returns uses simulated monitoring equipment and a range of engaging scenarios to develop children's understanding of sensors and data logging and interpretation. By monitoring a range of variables including light, temperature, sound and weather conditions, children will gain an extensive understanding of how and why monitoring equipment can be used and develop knowledge and skills that are easily transferable to real life data-logging and monitoring situations.
Tool Factory Math Draw V3See a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
Draw, then measure….or measure, then draw! Tool Factory Math Draw has a fantastic grid feature for crafting scale drawings of experiments. The rotating ruler’s scale will automatically pick up the same grid scale. The caliper measuring tool can give automatic measurements for any edge, area, or perimeter. Dynamically show angle measurements, as you move objects around on the screen. Watch algebra and geometry classes come to life on an interactive white board! This vector-based drawing package includes a powerful range of tools for creating spectacular drawings. Using the same kid-friendly interface as the suite of programs in Tool Factory Workshop, this package is fully configurable to meet all student needs. Create lines, shapes, and other geometric drawings. Build plans and maps. Because it's vector-based, Tool Factory Draw give students the ability to easily adjust, move, and rescale the shapes they have created without losing any quality. Use a wide range of drawing tools, shading, graduated and solid fills, rotation and scaling facilities, a drawing grid, and a range of themed color palettes. In addition to all of these tools, the same bank of clip art found in Tool Factory Workshop is available right on the desktop.
Tool Factory Logo V3See a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
Tool Factory Logo provides endless opportunities to develop problem-solving and investigation skills. Logo is a computer programming language that is so simple, student in early elementary can succeed. Create simple commands, as well as sophisticated programming strategies. Attach a photograph or a piece of clip art as your “turtle” and watch it obey simple movement commands. The program includes a range of turtles, backgrounds, and resources appropriate for each level. The control pad is configurable for various ability levels with a progressive feature set that makes it suitable for all ages. Turn on "trails" and with a few simple commands, the “turtle” will draw a fancy spiro-graph flower on a very colorful background. Explore angles, measures, and logic. The flexibility of the program allows it to support simple computer graphics as well as sophisticated programming techniques. The familiar and kid-friendly interface found on all the programs in Tool Factory Workshop has been used here as well, making it easy for students to move from one program to the next.
BBC Science Simulations 3See a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable SMART Board Compatible
Designed to support and enhance the teaching of science investigation skills,

BBC Science Simulations 3, appropriate for ages 9-13, offers seven interactive virtual experiments. From ponds to electrical circuits, and plant growth to sun/shadow movement, the software allows teachers and pupils to explore a wide range of phenomena in ways and at speeds that would be difficult to achieve in the classroom.

Simulations include:
  • Changing State
  • Plant germination and growth
  • Food webs
  • Exercise and health
  • Electircal circuits
  • Light and shadows
  • Forces and friction

Each simulation has been carefully tagged to allow easy integration within the class lessons.
Return to Mechania Windows compatible
Get your class’s cross-curricular problem-solving cogs turning with this exciting new software – ideal for this hard-to-teach curriculum area. Mechanisms and key principles are brought together to create meaningful and engaging problem-solving opportunities – guaranteed to develop thinking skills and broaden pupils’ understanding of mechanical principles.
Science Stars Lost in the LabyrinthSee a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
A group of archaeologists find themselves trapped in the Labyrinth on Force Island. Only the elite group of scientists known as the Science Stars Task Force can rescue them - but they need the help of your students. So begins a gripping adventure in which children build their knowledge of forces and motion as they overcome the challenges encountered during the rescue.

Ideal for small group work, students develop their experimental skills through four engrossing activities and two levels of difficulty. Each activity is supported with interactive explanations of key learning points. There is also full narration to ensure good accessibility for less advanced readers.

Topics inlcude:
  • Forcemeters
  • Friction
  • Water resistance
  • Air resistance
  • Gravity
  • Science Stars Underwater RescueSee a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Construction workers are building an underwater observation laboratory when an explosion corrupts their computer, locking the electronic doors. The Science Stars enlist the help of students to get vital supplies of food and water to the workers and fix their computer before they run out of air. This thrilling science adventure extends children's understanding of forces and motion with four engaging activities supported by interactive explanations and full narration.

    Key Content:
  • Gravity and upthrust
  • Stretching and pulling
  • Direction and size of forces
  • Revising forces
  • Air and water resistance
  • Numeracy Bank - 5 Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    The activities in Numeracy Bank 5 cover the following objectives:

  • Reading and writing big numbers in figures and words

  • Place value

  • Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 or 1000

  • Negative numbers

  • Number sequences

  • Multiples of 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11

  • Square numbers

  • Factors

  • Equivalent fractions

  • Improper fractions and mixed numbes

  • Decimals

  • Rounding decimals

  • Percentages

  • Adding 2-digit pairs to make 100

  • Calculating a difference

  • Adding and subtracting near multiples of 10 and 100

  • Adding several numbers

  • Adding and subtracting deicmals

  • Using brackets

  • Interpreting quotients

  • Times tables facts and related division facts

  • Doubles and halves

  • Multiplying 2-digit numbers by single digit numbers

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    Minimum system requirements: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista or Windows 7. 1GB of RAM, 100MB of Hard Drive space.

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