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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education
Music Bundle
Windows and Mac versions on same CD Networkable
Item #: 2198
Gr. K-8, Inclusion
Have you students writing their own musical masterpieces with the software titles in Tool Factory’s Music Bundle. Six software titles will develop the fundamentals of tone, pitch, the musical scale, and more! These programs are perfect for auditory learners or those who respond well to music. Students discover that when experimenting with imaginative instruments and engaging the animated characters, learning about music has never been this much fun! There's a program for every ability level from pre-K to 8th grade. Record your creations and save them as MIDI files to review later. The retail value is $300!

The bundle includes:
  • Black Cat Compose
  • Musical Leaps and Bounds
  • Musical Monsters 3 CD-Set
  • First Class Music
  • Headset and Mic (additional headsets can be ordered separately)

    Black Cat Compose Windows compatible Networkable
    You don't have to be Beethoven to compose great music! Black Cat Compose has 4 difficulty levels for a wide range of abilities. Choose from 128 instruments and add effects such as echo, transpose, and fade. Visual learners can use pictures to represent musical phrases, gradually progressing to a grid display and stave notation. Experiment with over 70 musical projects across a variety of styles. The multi-track music sequencer encourages creativity. Numerous music controls are available for tempo and looping tracks. It's a great confidence builder!
    Musical Leaps and Bounds Windows & Mac versions on same CD
    Turn on The Moody Jukebox, Let's Dance, and The Singing Blobs in this new CD-ROM from the highly popular Leaps and Bounds series. Music and listening activities are the focus of the 6 well-planned, engaging activities. Musical Leaps and Bounds encourages children to improve listening skills, lengthen concentration span, enhance visual and auditory memory, develop mouse skills and hand-eye coordination, and develop confidence and self-esteem. Activities include: My Band, Let's Dance, Up and Down, Mixing Desk, Moody Jukebox, and The Singing Blobs. Musical concepts such as dynamics, pitch, and mood are demonstrated in this delightfully unique program.
    Tool Factory Mini Musical Monsters Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Create melodies, compose songs and even learn the notes of popular tunes using Mini Musical Monsters! Mini Musical Monsters contains six engaging musical activities for 3 - 5 year-olds. Children can have fun experimenting with music making, rhythms and sound effects. Mini Musical Monsters is also ideal for developing vital ICT skills and will quickly build confidence in novice computer users - any mouse click or keyboard press will produce interesting results! Mini Musical Monsters contains no speech and does not require reading skills. It is a valuable addition to an early years or foundation stage setting.
    Tool Factory Musical Monsters Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Musical Monsters is so easy to use that anyone can create a tune! Build rhythms and melodies by putting the singing creatures onto the music board, then listen and watch the results. Early learners quickly gain confidence to create their own sound patterns without assistance. Listen to, evaluate, and reshape each tune while exploring the composition process. A simple click on the MIDI button will save files for later play, or for development of a live performance.
    Tool Factory More Musical Monsters Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Fun creatures will play anything from an acoustic piano, to the sound effects of a seashore! Choose the creature, select the tone, assign a sound effect, then click your way to a masterpiece! Added features make it ideal for teaching music at any elementary ability level. Various note lengths and grid sizes can be selected, and the C-major scale can be labeled for an introduction to musical notation. Tool Factory More Musical Monsters contains a library of resources including pre-recorded tunes, sounds samples, 120 instruments, and even printable lesson plans. Sound files (.WAV) can be recorded and incorporated into a symphony!

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    Minimum system requirements: PC: Win 95+, P-100, 32 Mb RAM, 640x480, 16 Bit Color, 4X CD

    Mac G3 or above, 128Mb RAM, Mac OSX 10.1.5 +

    (Black Cat Compose and First Class Music are Windows only.)
    Leaps and Bounds Series - 4 CD Set Windows compatible Gr. K-1, Inclusion
    Colorful characters, stimulating sound effects, and whimsical activities provide children with fun opportunities for experimentation, problem-solving, language development, fine-motor skill development, sound discrimination, and more.