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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education
Math Bundle - Middle School
Windows and Mac versions on same CD Networkable
Item #: 2188
Grades 5-9
Challenge your middle school students with Tool Factory’s Middle School Math Bundle! Bursting with exciting activities in problem solving, mental math practice, and skills-development activities, this set will spark new interest in the subject of math! The titles will reinforce lessons through mental math practice and new problem solving techniques. Explore the pyramids of Egypt or rural city environments using math skills to guide your adventure. This wonderful blend of skills-development tools and educational games is the perfect supplemental activities collection for middle school teaching! Retail Value $520!

The bundle includes:
  • Flying Carpet
  • Chefrens
  • Map Detectives Rural Adventure
  • Whole Class Decimals
  • Numeracy Bank 6
  • Maths Explorer Data Handling
  • Gomez Returns
  • Tool Factory Math Draw

    Flying Carpet - New Low Pricing on Single Version!See a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
    Take The Flying Carpet on a magical journey through Egypt in search of your missing pet. The creators of the highly acclaimed Cheops' Pyramid and Chefren's Pyramid now offer this game-based math software for elementary students. The view from the Flying Carpet is so spectacular that young students will never look at math the same way again! Travel to the Nile River, Cairo, The Oasis, The Pyramids, and The Sphinx. A peculiar little fellow called Filuren will help students as they encounter all sorts of fun and rewarding math activities covering the following: math calculations, math with money, times, dates, geometry, measuring. Includes a "Flying Manager" where teachers can track student progress.

    *Single version NOT Windows 7 compatible. Network version IS Windows 7 compatible.
    Chefren's Pyramid - New Low Pricing on Single Version! Windows compatible Networkable
    You're lost in Chefren's Egyptian Pyramid, and the only way out is through the exit at the top. Encounter mental calculations, approximation challenges, problem solving, games, culture, and lots more as you make your escape. Subjects include: mental arithmetic, geometry, diagrams, percents, easy equations, and everyday math. Students climb to the next level of mathematical understanding in this totally absorbing adventure.

    *Single version NOT Windows 7 compatible. Network version IS Windows 7 compatible.
    Map Detectives - Rural MysterySee a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Solve a series of baffling burglaries at Lady Hartley's manor as you use geography and mapping skills to locate criminals with names like Slimy Simon and Evil Edna. Students will develop their ability to use map symbols, grid references, distance and scale as they search for the missing objects and collect clues. Monitor students' progress and print activities for the classroom.
    Whole Class DecimalsSee a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Teaching decimals to the whole class is easier and more effective with this series of 11 interactive models. Designed specifically to support teachers as they demonstrate key points about decimals, the program uses large, clear graphics that are easily seen from a monitor, white board, or projector so that the entire class is engaged in learning. Easily manipulated models, number lines, and animations present concepts such as rounding decimals, visualizing decimals, and converting fractions into decimals. Teachers can move at whatever pace they deem appropriate for their group or class as they go through each logically presented step. Easy to set up and use, this program greatly reduces preparation time for teachers.
    Numeracy Bank - 6 Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    The activities in Numeracy Bank 3 cover the following objectives:

  • Multiplying and dividing whole numbers and decimals by 10, 100, or 1000

  • Negative numbers

  • Rounding to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000

  • Number sequences

  • Identifying and sorting multiples

  • Square numbers

  • Prime numbers

  • Prime factors

  • Equivalent fractions

  • Improper fractions and mixed numbers

  • Decimal place value ( to three decimal places)

  • Reading and writing decimals

  • Rounding decimals to the nearest whole number or tenth

  • Percentages

  • Adding and subtracting near multiples of 10, 100 or 1000

  • Adding and subtracting near multiples of 1 (decimals)

  • Adding several numbers

  • Adding to decimals to make the next higher whole number or tenth

  • Adding and subtracting decimals (to two decimal places)

  • Using brackets

  • Interpreting quotients

  • Times tables facts and related division facts

  • Doubling and halving decimals

  • Multiplying 2-digit numbers by single digit numbers

  • Multiplying and dividing decimals by single digit numbers
  • FREE Math Explorer: Data Handling ($5.95 processing and validation fee applies)See a demo! Windows compatible Mac compatible Networkable
    A friendly alien is your guide as you travel through Egyptian, Roman, and Incan lands to learn the principles of statistical analysis. Fun and engaging graphics and an easy-to use interface stimulate students as they investigate all the means for storing and analyzing data. Visit the Sphinx to learn about probability or use a chart to record Roman bath times.
    Gomez ReturnsSee a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
    Arch-villain and infamous nature-hater Gomez is on the loose again! Your students must track him down before he causes devastating damage to the environment.

    Gomez Returns uses simulated monitoring equipment and a range of engaging scenarios to develop children's understanding of sensors and data logging and interpretation. By monitoring a range of variables including light, temperature, sound and weather conditions, children will gain an extensive understanding of how and why monitoring equipment can be used and develop knowledge and skills that are easily transferable to real life data-logging and monitoring situations.
    Tool Factory Math Draw V3See a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
    Draw, then measure….or measure, then draw! Tool Factory Math Draw has a fantastic grid feature for crafting scale drawings of experiments. The rotating ruler’s scale will automatically pick up the same grid scale. The caliper measuring tool can give automatic measurements for any edge, area, or perimeter. Dynamically show angle measurements, as you move objects around on the screen. Watch algebra and geometry classes come to life on an interactive white board! This vector-based drawing package includes a powerful range of tools for creating spectacular drawings. Using the same kid-friendly interface as the suite of programs in Tool Factory Workshop, this package is fully configurable to meet all student needs. Create lines, shapes, and other geometric drawings. Build plans and maps. Because it's vector-based, Tool Factory Draw give students the ability to easily adjust, move, and rescale the shapes they have created without losing any quality. Use a wide range of drawing tools, shading, graduated and solid fills, rotation and scaling facilities, a drawing grid, and a range of themed color palettes. In addition to all of these tools, the same bank of clip art found in Tool Factory Workshop is available right on the desktop.

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    Minimum system requirements: PC: Win 95+, 50 MB Space, Pentium, 32 Mb RAM, Mac OS 8.6+ for classic, or OS x 10.2 for native, 16 bit color, 233 MHz (Exceptions - Flying Carpet, Chefren's Pyramid and Gomez Returns - windows only.)
    Whole Class Series - 5 CD Set Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable Grades K-6
    Classrooms that are equipped with a projector, white board, or a single computer will benefit from the Whole Class Teaching Series. Each program is built with clear graphics and larger text that can easily be read by students sitting in the back of the classroom.
    Math Bundle - Elementary Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable Grades K-6
    Solve all your supplemental math needs within Tool Factory’s Elementary Math Bundle! Special attention to problem solving and mental-math skills will strengthen the mathematical minds of all students.