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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education
Tool Factory Word Processor V3
See a demo! Windows compatible Networkable
Item #: 2115
Gr. K-8, Inclusion
Original Price: $99.95

New Price: $29.95

Savings: $70 - that's a 70% discount!

Additional licenses are just $12 each!

Craft impressive book reports, journals, presentations, and posters using simple animation features, character speech, and graphics tools. Creating a classroom newspaper is a breeze with V3's linking tool, which allows users to auto fill from one column to another column anywhere in the document! The text-to-speech tools are totally adaptable with a new "sound it out" feature that can speak phonic letter blends as you type. Change to a male or female voice, adjust the speed of the speech, and hi-light every word as the speech engine reads aloud. The interface can be simplified with larger icons, or less icons for younger users. There are loads of activity ideas on Tool Factory's website along with a free download-ready training program.

We guarantee this is the most child-friendly word processor you've ever used. Designed for students, teachers, and parents, you can click anywhere on the page and just start typing - it's as easy as pencil and paper. With full multimedia support, you can drag-and-drop photographs, drawings, video, and audio…and your images stay right where you put them! You'll spend hours creating presentations, projects, and flyers based on the huge collection of clip art which is included on the desktop.

Here are just a few ideas:
  • Create fantastic banners, posters, bulletin boards, and multimedia projects with simple click-and-drag skills. Tool Factory Word Processor is designed to meet all the technology standards.
  • Add videos, narration, and pictures to enhance any school e-newsletters! Drag-and-drop photographs and drawings onto the page. Your images stay right where you put them!
  • Build worksheets in minutes with total multimedia support. Animate concepts, hide-and-reveal answers, and insert spoken instructions.
  • The Tool Factory Resource bank even comes with its own window into the internet. Drag pictures and text right off the web.
  • Insert a spreadsheet or database, right into your word processing document. Then explain visual concepts to the entire class using a whiteboard or projector.

    Get out your camera!

    Tool Factory Word Processor is ideal for use with a video or still camera. There's a new crop feature for digital photographs. Simply drag the handles on any side of the image to crop. Touch up photos using Tool Factory Painter, then insert them into your Tool Factory Word Processor document. Add a video to your school newspaper then flow a text story around any video or image.

    Use it with a Whiteboard!

    Switch the program's toolbars to the bottom so that younger students can reach them. Activate the Whiteboard controls and instantly gain access to the “right mouse” and “CTRL” icons from the toolbar.

    Get all the conventional word processing features plus:
  • It talks! The computer voice gives instant feedback and can speak letters, word, phonics, or complete sentences - as you type.
  • Click and type. The cursor stays right where you put it!
  • Embed pictures, videos and sounds with drag-and-drop simplicity.
  • Rotate and resize text, and crop pictures simply by dragging the handles.
  • Hundreds of searchable pictures, sounds, and videos are always at your fingertips.
  • Drawing tools include rectangles, ellipses, freehand, and straight lines.
  • Fully configurable for every age level and learning ability.
  • Online activities and free downloadable clip art are always available at www.toolfactory.com.

    Also included:
  • Tool Factory Resources Bank with hundreds of copyright-free clip art files and templates.
  • Free Online Training Program at www.toolfactory.com

    Tool Factory Resource Bank is included with every purchase. Get hundreds of clip art files and easily edit, create, and archive new banks of clip art. Customize any of the existing banks, save multiple versions of each bank, or create new banks altogether. The resource bank helps you organize existing content, or archive images taken from the internet. Since the banks are searchable, it's easy to compile materials specific to a particular subject. There's even an "Acquire" feature built right into the bank. Hook up your scanner, camcorder, or microphone, and record a live performance directly into your project.

    Online Support Materials are free and always available at www.toolfactory.com. Download a graphical training presentation and immediately begin your student instruction. There's a free printable tutorial for every single feature, of every single Tool Factory program. Construct your own class manual by printing free how-to instructions for your daily lessons. Get printable worksheets and classroom activities, visit the copy machine and dash to class! New material is posted regularly, so check www.toolfactory.com for great classroom resources.

    It's Critical for Special Education and ESL!

    All the Tool Factory programs are completely adaptable for special education. Establish core knowledge that lets students transition easily to the most common adult software programs. Read letters or phonic blends for pre-readers, then adjust the settings to speak words and sentences as the students advance. Listen to the computer "sound out" every word, as you are typing. Fluent readers will use the speech tools to hear-and-revise their writing. Simplify the interface for any age group and learning style. The same interface is shared by every application in Tool Factory Workshop so users switch seamlessly between programs without re-learning. Click-and-drag is all the skill that’s required.

    “It’s an intuitive introduction to technology integration, my students love the ease and playfulness of Tool Factory Workshop.”

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    Minimum system requirements: Win V3: Compatible with Vista and Win 98/2000/ME/XP, 64 Mb RAM, 16 Bit Color, 800X600, 4X CD. Word Processor is Windows 7 Compatible

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