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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education
Interactive Science Bundle for ASD Students
Windows and Mac versions on same CD Networkable
Item #: 10654
Grades K-5
Students on the Autism Spectrum will love these great interactive science software titles. Simulate science experiments virtually, design your own diagrams and experiments, develop scientific method skills and play games to enhance those skills! This bundle begins at lower learning levels to introduce scientific reasoning skills.

Older students can use these skills to simulate virtual science experiments and manipulate the variables within the experiments to solve poised questions provided within the program. Fundamentals of vocabulary, diagrams, charts, databases and more are explored in this interactive Science Bundle

The bundle includes:
  • Flobot
  • The Future is Wild
  • Return to Mechania
  • Virtual Experiments 3
  • Science Express: Physical Processes
  • BBC Science Simulations 3

All programs are compatible with interactive white boards, TAPit, and the Intended Touch Platform.

Flobot Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable SMART Board Compatible
First Steps in Control: Flobot - the robot with fun and learning built in! Poor Flobot is lost and all alone deep in the rainforest and only your pupils can help! In this perfect introduction to control and problem solving, children need to teach the loveable robot how to react and what to do in order to get home safely - and what a journey the face!From crossing rivers and climbing mountains to disco dancing, your pupils will be captivated by the rich adventure settings as they solve problems, make logical decisions and program Flobot to respond correctly to all the situations that just keep cropping up along the way.
The Future is Wild Windows compatible
The Future is Wild turns users into time-traveling students who learn about habitats, interdependence and adaptation through immersive simulation. This exciting new software provides a platform for students to improve their science, geography, and ICT skills as they explore an interpretation of our world 5 million, 100 million and 200 million years in the future.

  • Three activity levels
  • Focused assignments
  • A free Explore mode
  • Video clips and rotating 3D creature models
  • A built-in tracking and reporting feature to monitor student achievement
Return to Mechania Windows compatible
Get your class’s cross-curricular problem-solving cogs turning with this exciting new software – ideal for this hard-to-teach curriculum area. Mechanisms and key principles are brought together to create meaningful and engaging problem-solving opportunities – guaranteed to develop thinking skills and broaden pupils’ understanding of mechanical principles.
Virtual Experiments 3 Windows & Mac versions on same CD SMART Board Compatible
Ideal for use on an interactive whiteboard, Virtual Experiments 3 contains 15 animated simulations that allow classes to repeat investigations and change variables at the touch of a button. Fully-narrated explanations help to model the use of scientific language while activities can also be used independently by students to consolidate and revise key science concepts. A truly versatile resource for exploring science through technology.
Science Express: Physical Processes Windows compatible SMART Board Compatible
Climb aboard The Science Express and journey to Barnacle Bay where students can learn all about Physical Processes with the help of Daisy and Doug. Doug leads them to five engaging activities that are designed to develop scientific understanding and investigation skills. In addition, Daisy’s short, focused activities enable pupils to practice and consolidate their understanding of key concepts and vocabulary. All activities can be played in narration-free ‘on your own’ mode which makes them perfect for teacher-led work on an interactive whiteboard.
BBC Science Simulations 3See a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable SMART Board Compatible
Designed to support and enhance the teaching of science investigation skills,

BBC Science Simulations 3, appropriate for ages 9-13, offers seven interactive virtual experiments. From ponds to electrical circuits, and plant growth to sun/shadow movement, the software allows teachers and pupils to explore a wide range of phenomena in ways and at speeds that would be difficult to achieve in the classroom.

Simulations include:
  • Changing State
  • Plant germination and growth
  • Food webs
  • Exercise and health
  • Electircal circuits
  • Light and shadows
  • Forces and friction

Each simulation has been carefully tagged to allow easy integration within the class lessons.
Simulation Explorer Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable SMART Board Compatible
Try experiments that would be difficult or impossible in real life. Create an alien plant by experimenting with soil types, and watering with juice! Simulation Explorer is a superb new science program, jam-packed with computer simulations of real and imaginary science experiments. Run the snowball simulator and determine what angle you want the snowball thrown, and at what velocity, then click TEST to watch the animated results. The “results” button reveals the results of all trials for a side-by-side comparison. Challenge students to find the answers to focused questions, then print out a colorful reward certificate to show the level achieved. Print your simulation as a worksheet with blank lines for free writing, capture a photograph of the simulation page, or print all trial results on one page. Each simulation comes with printable worksheets, clipart, and extension exercises. Activities include alien plant, braking distances, pond habitat, throwing snowballs, and tooth decay.
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Minimum system requirements: Pentium 500 Mhz, 128Mb RAM, soundcard, Windows 98+, Power Mac G4, 256Mb RAM, OSX (Science Diagrams and Gomez Returns Windows Only)