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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education
Early Learning Bundle for Interactive Devices
Windows compatible Mac compatible Networkable
Item #: 10652
Gr. K-13+, Inclusion
Introduce your students to interactive device learning at a foundation age with programs that are fun and engaging to explore! With nine software titles specifically chosen for use with interactive whiteboards the TAP•it and the Intended Touch Platform, these titles are great for students ages 4-7. Topics/Activities covered include:
  • Memory Exercises
  • Spatial Orientation
  • Problem Solving
  • Squencing
  • Counting
  • Number Identification
  • Introductory Computer Use Skills

The Bundle Includes:
  • Tool Factory Beep!
  • Monkeys, Ducks and Frogs
  • Flobot
  • Stripey Tiger and Spotty Shark's Picture Box
  • Sound Beginnings Making Sounds
  • Science Express: Life Processes and Living Things
  • Matching Skills
  • ABC CD
  • 123 CD

  • All programs are compatible with interactive white boards, TAPit, and the Intended Touch Platform.

    Tool Factory Beep! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
    Have you ever painted a picture that sings as you draw? Well now you can with Tool Factory Beep! Based on the themes of creative play and exploration, students get absolutely hooked on Beep! Activities encourage emerging learners to express their ideas, while developing important IT skills and building confidence with the computer. Navigate a maze and develop spatial orientation skills. Dress the creature and spark lively discussion. Use the word robot to develop word recognition. Animate characters with simple mouse clicks to build confidence. There are endless opportunities for creative thinking and discussion. Tool Factory Beep! is ideal for early learners, autism, and pre-readers. Clip art library included for printing and coloring.
    Monkeys, Ducks and Frogs! Windows compatible Networkable Switch Accessible SMART Board Compatible
    Click, sing, play and learn! Monkeys, Ducks, and Frogs is a delightful program that includes 21 fun-filled activities designed to imporve basic counting skills. With the help of three popular number songs, which users are encouraged to join in with, pupils will learn to count up to five, practise one-to-one correspondence, take away, recall sequences of animals and much more! Pupils will also develop their listening skills by responding to spoker instruction, their problem-solving skills by exploring outcomes and practise fine motor skills by using a mouse or switch to interact with the tasks.
    Flobot Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable SMART Board Compatible
    First Steps in Control: Flobot - the robot with fun and learning built in! Poor Flobot is lost and all alone deep in the rainforest and only your pupils can help! In this perfect introduction to control and problem solving, children need to teach the loveable robot how to react and what to do in order to get home safely - and what a journey the face!From crossing rivers and climbing mountains to disco dancing, your pupils will be captivated by the rich adventure settings as they solve problems, make logical decisions and program Flobot to respond correctly to all the situations that just keep cropping up along the way.
    Stripy Tiger and Spotty Shark’s Picture Box Windows compatible Switch Accessible
    In the creative world of Stripy Tiger and Spotty Shark, children are encouraged to experiment with color and pattern using a series of outline images. This text-free product is designed to engage young children with the computer, develop creativity and help them to become independent users. Picture Box contains simple images to help your children build confidence as they produce beautiful pictures, time after time. Background music is included to create different moods which quickly absorb the children in their own world of color and pattern.
    Sound Beginnings - Making Sounds Windows & Mac versions on same CD Switch Accessible
    Sound Beginnings - Making Sounds is the third edition of this unique vocalization program, designed to encourage communication in young children and those with special education needs. Sound Beginnings Making Sounds encompasses even more exciting activities using voice stimulus. A simple microphone is all that is needed - no voice input training or complicated configurations are needed. This PC and MAC dual format CD-ROM includes the Racing, Jigsaw, Blow-up, Invaders and Floating activities from the PC only Sound Beginnings 1 and 2 programs.The activities are particularly suitable for students who are at the early stages of acquiring spoken language.
    Science Express: Life Processes Windows compatible Networkable SMART Board Compatible
    Take the Science Express to Buttercup Village where students can learn all about life processes and living things with the help of Daisy the train driver, and Doug, a curious young boy. Doug leads students around the village to five engaging activities that are designed to develop scientific understanding and investigation skills. In addition, Daisy's short, focused 'test' activities enable students to consolidate their understanding of key objectives and can be completed in narration-free mode, making them perfect for teacher-led work on an interactive whiteboard.
    Matching Skills Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable Switch Accessible SMART Board Compatible
    Matching Skills challenges students to identify attributes of pictures and objects, making this a great program to teach early classification skills. The same pictures can be matched exactly, or by size. There are also activities for matching by color, or picture parts. Activities include: Match exactly, Match color, Match size, and Match pieces. Activities include: Match exactly, Match color, Match size, and Match pieces. Every activity has four levels of difficulty, plus a choice of these eight familiar topics: food, home, clothes, animals, play, transport, letters, and numbers. They can be played with numbers, words, or pictures, plus each activity screen provides full audio support. Teacher options can be used to configure timing, font and background colors, pointer size, difficulty levels, and activity selection.
    ABC CDSee a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable SMART Board Compatible
    The talking animated alphabet truly brings letters to life in this unique program. Children are treated to letters that morph into wonderful objects. Activities such as "I Spy" and "Matching" help young learners develop visual and auditory discrimination as they identify the shapes and sounds of letters. Teachers can customize the program for each child making this ideal for inclusion teaching. A friendly guide provides constant encouragement for kids with flips, twirls, and grins.
    123 CDSee a demo! Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable SMART Board Compatible
    Have you ever heard a wizard shout "Yippee!"? Let the dancing Wizit guide young learners through the 11 interactive activities designed to help young children get a grasp on numbers from 0-10. Each activity is polished with amazing animation, and teaches number skills such as ordering, counting, naming numbers, matching sets, and determining more or less. Teachers can customize the program for each student by targetting specific numbers.

  • 11 interactive activities
  • Number names, ordering numbers, matching sets, more or less, and counting sets
  • Full speech support
  • Teachers can customize program for each student
  • Worksheets included

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Minimum system requirements: PC: Win 95+, P-100, 32 Mb RAM, 640x480, 16 Bit Color, 4X CD

Mac: OS 8.6 or later, OS X version 10.2 or later is required to run natively, 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM,16 bit color, and sound (Exceptions - Sequences is Windows only.)