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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education
Autism Bundle for Interactive Devices
Windows compatible Mac compatible Networkable
Item #: 10651
Gr. K-13+, Inclusion
Tool Factory's Autism Bundle brings together a collection of interactive software for interactive devices that:
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Develop concentration and attention
  • Inspire imaginative play
  • Promote reading / early literacy
  • Teach emotional literacy
  • And more!
With 7 different software programs in the bundle, there is sure to be a program to fit the needs of your individual learners.

Each program works to develop different skills while students:
  • Explore and make music
  • Improve memory, observation and spelling
  • Work on figurative language, and
  • Learn about basic math, shapes and space
Some titles also feature advanced teacher controls that allow you to tailor the activities to the needs of your individual learners; for example, you can customize activities by importing your own digital images of subjects that students can relate to!

The bundle includes:
  • A Busy Day
  • ReacTickles 2
  • Musical Leaps and Bounds
  • Leaps and Bounds 3
  • Bucket & Spade
  • Observation Skills
  • Strumbie Island
All software titles have been tested Windows 7 compatible.

All programs are compatible with interactive white boards, TAPit, and the Intended Touch Platform.

A Busy Day Windows compatible Mac compatible Switch Accessible
Based on the daily life of a child, A Busy Day offers a different approach for those who find the process of reading difficult. It provides the basic fundamentals for early literacy involving pre-reading, writing and communication skills. It is a flexible reading approach linking pictures and text with functional nouns.

This interactive reading tool can be adapted to suit the needs of slow starters in the mainstream classroom, for those with communication and language difficulties and for students learning English as a second language. The program is particularly effective for children on the autistic spectrum, those with Down's syndrome, attention deficit, and visual learners. This exciting program teaches comprehension of the printed word in an interesting, fun and motivational way.

  • Fully switch accessible, including using voice input
  • 13 interactive pages at 3 different levels
  • 3 games to develop word recognition and observation with 3 levels of difficulty
  • 3 word levels
  • Customisable word bank
  • Printable worksheets, certificates and lotto boards
  • Clipart
ReacTickles 2 Windows & Mac versions on same CD Switch Accessible SMART Board Compatible
ReacTickles are highly motivating activities that help children develop concentration and attention skills, as well as encourage sharing and imaginative play and learning. The ReacTickles environment offers a safe place for autism spectrum and early learners to use technology and experience dynamic interactions where players freely explore abstract shapes and create rhythmic responses with their fingers and bodies without judgment or fear. Students develop mouse, keyboard, whiteboard, switch, and screen skills while being encouraged to communicate, use fine motor skills, and work together. The software also works well within mainstream early years settings, enabling very young children to interact and learn to communicate as individuals and within small groups.
Musical Leaps and Bounds Windows & Mac versions on same CD
Turn on The Moody Jukebox, Let's Dance, and The Singing Blobs in this new CD-ROM from the highly popular Leaps and Bounds series. Music and listening activities are the focus of the 6 well-planned, engaging activities. Musical Leaps and Bounds encourages children to improve listening skills, lengthen concentration span, enhance visual and auditory memory, develop mouse skills and hand-eye coordination, and develop confidence and self-esteem. Activities include: My Band, Let's Dance, Up and Down, Mixing Desk, Moody Jukebox, and The Singing Blobs. Musical concepts such as dynamics, pitch, and mood are demonstrated in this delightfully unique program.
Leaps and Bounds 3 Windows & Mac versions on same CD SMART Board Compatible
Colorful characters, stimulating sound effects, and whimsical activities provide children with fun opportunities for experimentation, problem-solving, language development, fine-motor skill development, sound discrimination, and more. Activities include: Monster Band, Dog's Long Walk, Make a Body, Sausage Machine, Watering the Flowers, and Noisy Painting. This is the third title in the popular Leaps and Bounds series.
Bucket and Spade Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable
The animated friends in this program simultaneously entertain and educate children as they lead the way through eight interactive activities at the beach. Ideal for inclusion, students click on one of four huts to select the level best suited for their abilities. They choose an activity from the beach balls that bounce out onto the sand. In these fully narrated games, students explore and sort 2D and 3D shapes, play with symmetrical patterns and sequences, and work with spatial relationships and directions.

Features include:
  • Shape Demonstrator-great for whole class instruction
  • Teacher Options to customize settings for each activity
  • Record-keeping facility to track student progress
  • Full narration
  • 8 activities; 4 levels for most
  • 30 shapes covered by the activities
Observation Skills Windows & Mac versions on same CD Networkable Switch Accessible SMART Board Compatible
Observation skills are central to the development of scientific knowledge and vital for the development of mathematical concepts such as pattern and shape. Observation Skills focuses on helping student develop the skills they need to recognize and understand pattern and shape. By observing shapes carefully, learners can begin to recognize and discriminate difficult numbers, letters, and symbol such as 5 and S, or 9, b, d, p and q or h, n and m. The clear, simple interface makes navigating the software a cinch. The series is switch-enabled, providing equal access to learners with special needs.
Strumbie Island Windows compatible Mac compatible SMART Board Compatible
Strumbie Island CD-ROM and book support and encourage the development of emotional literacy in young children. This resource helps with recognizing, understanding, and appropriately expressing emotions and behavior. It also contains many accessibility options for flexible and individual preferences, including options for switch users and the ability to record your own commentary and sing along with the Strumbie Song.

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Minimum system requirements: PC: Win 95+, P-100, 32 Mb RAM, 640x480, 16 Bit Color, 4X CD

Mac: OS 8.6 or later, OS X version 10.2 or later is required to run natively, 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM,16 bit color, and sound (Exceptions - Sequences is Windows only.)