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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education

Tutorials for STEM Software Bundle for Upper Elementary (4-6)

A Complete Training Program for Tool Factory Logo
Download the Training ProgramK-12
Basic Commands
Writing Basic Logo CommandsK-12
Writing Commands and ProceduresK-12
Writing a New ProcedureK-12
Editing a ProcedureK-12
Copying a ProcedureK-12
Delete a ProcedureK-12
Run a ProcedureK-12
Using the Command LineK-12
Download A Complete Training Program for Tool Factory Math Draw
Download the Training ProgramK-12
Use a Repeating Procedure to Create a FlowerK-12
Getting Started
Opening Tool Factory Math Draw ToolbarK-12
Personalize Toolbars (CTRL+Shift+T)K-12
Make a Scale DrawingK-12
Opening the Tool Factory Logo ToolbarK-12
Personalize Toolbars (CTRL+Shift+T)K-12
Selecting a TurtleK-12
Make an Object into a TurtleK-12
Controlling the Turtle with the KeypadK-12
Yellow LevelK-12
Green and Blue LevelsK-12
Special Features
Draw Resource BankK-12
Using LayersK-12
Special FillsK-12
Logo Details WindowK-12
Logo LinksK-12
Page ExtrasK-12
Angle Measuring ToolK-12
Using the ProtractorK-12
Calliper ToolK-12
Object PropertiesK-12
Measure ModeK-12

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