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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education

Tutorials for Tool Factory Workshop Deluxe V3

Theory Behind Tool Factory WorkshopK-12
Theory Behind Tool Factory WorkshopK-12
Anatomy of a Database and DefinitionsK-12
Uses of a DatabaseK-12
The Tool BarK-12
A Complete Training Program for Tool Factory Database
Download the Training ProgramK-12
A Complete Training Program for Tool Factory Logo
Download the Training ProgramK-12
A Complete Training Program for Tool Factory Painter
Download the Training ProgramK-12
A Complete Training Program for Tool Factory Slide Show
Download the Training ProgramK-12
A Complete Training Program for Tool Factory Spreadsheet
Download the Training ProgramK-12
A Complete Training Program for Tool Factory Word Processor
Download the Training ProgramK-12
Setting a Picture as a BackgroundK-12
Basic Commands
Writing Basic Logo CommandsK-12
Writing Commands and ProceduresK-12
Writing a New ProcedureK-12
Editing a ProcedureK-12
Copying a ProcedureK-12
Delete a ProcedureK-12
Run a ProcedureK-12
Using the Command LineK-12
Basic Tools
How to Add Text, Reposition, Cut/Copy/PasteK-12
Spell Checker and DictionaryK-12
How to Add Images, Resize/Reposition, Copy/Cut/PasteK-12
Add VideoK-12
Add SoundK-12
Add and Reposition GraphicsK-12
Copy/Cut/Paste GraphicsK-12
Brush Options
Selecting a BrushK-12
Adjusting Brush Shape and SizeK-12
Building a Database
Creating a DatabaseK-12
Creating FieldsK-12
Creating a RecordK-12
Viewing RecordsK-12
Editing RecordsK-12
Customizing Your DatabaseK-12
Saving Your FilesK-12
Cell Effects
Change the Cell ColorK-12
Edit the TextK-12
Set the Number of Decimal PlacesK-12
Hide/Show the Cell HeadingsK-12
Chart Effects
Change the Background Color and OutlineK-12
Change the Color of the AxisK-12
Change the Color of Columns, Lines, and SectorsK-12
Create a Graph
Create a Graph/ChartK-12
Chart PanelK-12
Resize or Reposition the ChartK-12
Edit Chart TextK-12
Creating Slides
Change the Background of a SlideK-12
Add a Text FrameK-12
Add Identical SlidesK-12
Edit Individual SlidesK-12
Change the Order of the SlidesK-12
Viewing a PresentationK-12
Show Slides on a Looped/Timed RunK-12
Customizing for Ability and Inclusion
Making Large IconsK-12
Changing the Default FontK-12
Configuring the Interface for Ability LevelsK-12
Saving Interfaces for Different AbilitiesK-12
Loading a Custom InterfaceK-12
Adding and Removing the BankK-12
Download A Complete Training Program for Tool Factory Decision Tree
Download the Training ProgramK-11
Download A Complete Training Program for Tool Factory Math Draw
Download the Training ProgramK-12
Drawing Tools
Simple Drawing Tools – Pointers and FramesK-12
Text Handling in Tool Factory Word ProcessorK-12
Moving Text, Pictures, Video, and SoundsK-12
Resizing Pictures, Sounds, and VideosK-12
Rotating Pictures and TextK-12
Fonts and Font SizesK-12
Coloring Text and LinesK-12
Locking Down ObjectsK-12
Undo and RedoK-12
Working with Layers – Front to BackK-12
Deleting Objects from a ProjectK-12
Editing a Tree
Change the Viewing ScaleK-12
Edit the Questions and Change the Yes/No AnswerK-12
Change Printer LimitK-12
Eraser Options
Selecting an Eraser and Erasing a Single ColorK-12
Use a Repeating Procedure to Create a FlowerK-12
File Management
Moving a Database to Another Folder or ComputerK-12
Opening a Saved DatabaseK-12
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked QuestionsK-12
Getting Started
Opening the Tool Factory Word Processor ToolbarK-12
Personalize Toolbars (CTRL + Shift + T)K-12
Tool Bar ExplanationsK-12
Opening Tool Factory Math Draw ToolbarK-12
Personalize Toolbars (CTRL+Shift+T)K-12
Make a Scale DrawingK-12
Opening the Tool Factory Speadsheet ToolbarK-12
Personalize Toolbars (CTRL+Shift+T)K-12
Create a New SpreadsheetK-12
Enter Data into a SpreadsheetK-12
Enter a Formula into a SpreadsheetK-12
Replicate FormulaK-12
Apply Units of Measurement or CurrencyK-12
Add, Delete, or Resize a Row or ColumnK-12
Reposition the SpreadsheetK-12
Main MenuK-12
Booting Tool Factory DatabaseK-12
Step 3 – Enter DataK-12
Step 2 - Layout FieldsK-12
Getting HelpK-12
Step 4 – Browse RecordsK-12
Building a DatabaseK-12
Step 1 - Create FieldsK-12
Opening the Tool Factory Database ToolbarK-12
Personalize Toolbars (CTRL+Shift+T)K-12
Open the Tool Factory Painter ToolbarK-12
Personalize Toolbars (CTRL+Shift+T)K-12
Adjust the PageviewK-12
Opening the Tool Factory Logo ToolbarK-12
Personalize Toolbars (CTRL+Shift+T)K-12
Selecting a TurtleK-12
Make an Object into a TurtleK-12
Opening the Tool Factory Decision Tree ToolbarK-12
Personalize Toolbars (CTRL+Shift+T)K-12
Create a New TreeK-12
Opening the Tool Factory Slide Show ToolbarK-12
Personalize Toolbars (CTRL+Shift+T)K-12
Create a Graph/ChartK-12
Graph/Chart TypesK-12
Editing a GraphK-12
Built in TutorK-12
Getting HelpK-12
Inserting Media From Your Drive
Inserting Digital PhotosK-12
Inserting Your Own VideosK-12
Inserting Your Own Sounds and NarrationK-12
Controlling the Turtle with the KeypadK-12
Yellow LevelK-12
Green and Blue LevelsK-12
Page Management
Adding a Page and Turning PagesK-12
Page LinksK-12
Deleting a PageK-12
Page Tools
Lock Objects to the Page/Layering ObjectsK-12
Add Additional PagesK-12
Adding Headers and FootersK-12
Add Page NumbersK-12
Paint Colors
Select Paint Color and Mix ColorsK-12
Create Your Own Paint PotsK-12
Paint Effects
Using Paint Effects within a PaintingK-12
Descriptions of Paint Effects ToolsK-12
Export Your Project into HTML, PowerPoint, Email, Painter…K-12
Show Settings
Bullet Point AnimationsK-12
Slide FadeK-12
Special Features
Questions So Far/Insert Question/Yes<->NoK-12
Special Education
Special Education FeaturesK-12
Special Features
Draw a TableK-12
Create a Word BankK-12
Record a SoundK-12
Making Links: Create an Animated PageK-12
Making Links: Hide/Show an ObjectK-12
Making Links: Link Sound to an ObjectK-12
Making Links: Create a Link to Another FileK-12
Saving and NetworkingK-12
Draw Resource BankK-12
Using LayersK-12
Special FillsK-12
Page EffectsK-12
Three Ways to View DataK-12
Field TypesK-12
Use ListK-12
Edit FieldsK-12
Teacher OptionsK-12
Create Your Own StampK-12
Create a Repeating PatternK-12
Region Selection ToolK-12
Text ToolK-12
Logo Details WindowK-12
Logo LinksK-12
Page ExtrasK-12
Play the Tree GameK-12
Using the Expert QuizK-12
Clean Up the TreeK-12
Record the QuestionK-12
Pencil ToolK-12
Mouse Edits SlideK-12
Basic Speech - Click on "Speech" ButtonK-12
Advanced Speech OptionsK-12
Speech Options
Making the Word Processor TalkK-12
Making the Bank TalkK-12
Customizing for Automatic Letter ReadingK-12
Customizing for Automatic Word ReadingK-12
Customizing for Automatic Sentence ReadingK-12
Spell Check
Talking Spell CheckerK-12
Turning off Spell CheckingK-12
Step 1 - Create Fields
Types of Fields in a DatabaseK-12
Changing a Field Name or TypeK-12
Delete a FieldK-12
Create FieldsK-12
Step 2 - Layout Fields
Layout FieldsK-12
Moving and Resizing FieldsK-12
Changing Captions and FontsK-12
Options and Attributes of FieldsK-12
Changing Fonts Inside a FieldK-12
Lining Up FieldsK-12
Changing Background Color on FieldsK-12
Changing Entire Background ColorK-12
Adding a Title to the Entire DatabaseK-12
Changing Color of a TitleK-12
Adding a Picture to the BackgroundK-12
Step 3 – Enter Data
Inserting Digital PhotosK-12
Adding and Browsing RecordsK-12
Enter TextK-12
Enter Pictures From the BankK-12
Searching the BankK-12
Inserting Videos From the BankK-12
Inserting Sounds From the BankK-12
Insert Your Own VideoK-12
Insert Your Own Sounds and NarrationK-12
Step 4 - Browse Records
Spreadsheet View and Card ViewK-12
Conducting a SearchK-12
Charting and Graphing a FieldK-12
Charting IconsK-12
Charting One Field Against AnotherK-12
Adding Simple Chart LabelsK-12
Display Values on a ChartK-12
Making a 3D ChartK-12
Advanced Charting FeaturesK-12
Changing Fonts on ChartsK-12
Copying and Saving ChartsK-12
Text Tools
Adjusting Text Color in Tool Factory Word ProcessorK-12
Text EffectsK-12
Using HighlightersK-12
Text Frames (Newsletter Columns)K-12
Size and Color GradientsK-12
The Bank
Insert Words From the BankK-12
Insert Pictures From the BankK-12
Searching the BankK-12
Inserting Videos From the BankK-12
Inserting Sounds From the BankK-12
Grouping Items TogetherK-12
Graphics EffectsK-12
Graphics ToolsK-12
Page EffectsK-12
Angle Measuring ToolK-12
Using the ProtractorK-12
Calliper ToolK-12
Object PropertiesK-12
Measure ModeK-12
Using Bullet PointsK-12
Instant Slide Show from Digital PicturesK-12
Storyboard Slide ViewK-12
Links Between SlidesK-12
Using Queries
Create a QueryK-12
Edit QueriesK-12
Activate/Deactivate QueriesK-12

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