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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education

Tutorials for Comprehensive Special Needs Bundle for Interactive Devices

Narrate Your Own Story!3-8
Adding your own ImagesK-12
Word Robot--Adding Your Own WordsK-2
Tool Factory Beep!K-2
Accessing Clip ArtK-2
Exiting the Main MenuK-2
Turning Music On/OffK-2
Exiting the ProgramK-2
About MazeK-2
Moving the Animal through the MazeK-2
Musical Paint Box
About Musical Paint BoxK-2
Selecting a PaintbrushK-2
Undoing a Brush StrokeK-2
Clearing the ScreenK-2
Odd One Out
About Odd One OutK-2
Changing the Number of Characters on the ScreenK-2
Street Scene
About Street SceneK-2
Adding Pictures to the SceneK-2
Animating the SceneK-2
Clearing the SceneK-2
About WardrobeK-2
Dressing the BabyK-2
Word Robot
About Word RobotK-2
Placing a Word onto the GridK-2
Removing a Word from the GridK-2
Clearing the GridK-2
Playing Your Words/SentenceK-2
Changing the Word SetsK-2

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