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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education

Testimonials for Stop Motion Pro Studio Plus - New Version 8

“Animation can be used very well in building teams and strengthening bonds in a group, you can use it to make non-expressive students perform without having to show themselves." - Morten Kulseng, Sentrum School

"At Takotna Community School we use Stop Motion Pro to improve the students' knowledge and use of technology... this work also uses math in creating scale, timing, synchronizing movement and sound and working in all areas of production." - Bob Absher

"Our students and summer campers have mastered this user-friendly software program, creating some truly awesome animations, many of which have been broadcast on national TV!" - Ronnie Scullion, Artech Studios

"After many trial runs of freeware and other products, we chose Stop Motion Pro due to its simple and user-friendly qualities..." - Neal Hanowitz, Rundlett Middle School