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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education

Testimonials for 10.1" Android Tablet - Stealth Trio G2

Review comments from the web
I was impressed with the Mach Trio. As someone who was NOT going to spend hundreds of dollars for an ipad for my 11 yr old, this was a great alternative. Compared to similarly priced tablets, especially those marketed to kids

Confirmed you can install Google Play on this tablet

Great price! Meets our expectations! Works great! Yes, it may not have Google Play, but the Amazon App Store meets our needs. Amazon App Store has plenty of apps, many for free and many for a price. Apps downloads with ease & no problems.

I have this item less than a month now it keep freezing on me most of the time.
I am thinking of returning it at this time the problem might be because it's a refurbished item, but still I have no regrets of purchasing it.