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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education

Testimonials for 7" Android Tablet - Mach Speed Stealth Trio G4

Review comments from the web
Great graphics! Touch screen is very responsive! Lightweight, 'pocket-sized' device, take anywhere!
Pre-installed GoogleSearch icon to surf the web.
Access to FBook mobile and FBook.com thru the browser. I play several games with my friends thru FBook login.
The Kndle app and store are easy to use on the tablet. The K-Reader works great on the Trio! Loving ebooks!
The Amazn app store and full web site are easily accessible. Lots of great apps, books, and products. I've even ordered tablet accessories, thru Amazn's web site, on my tablet.
Ad-Free apps are available for purchase ($0.99-2.99+), which allows games to be played without WIFI.

GPlay does not list the Trio Stealth as a 'compatible device'. GPlay problem, NOT the tablet!
Can't use some apps without WIFI, unless you have an internet 'hot spot' or a data plan thru an outside carrier.
USB and 5V Chargers included are generic and poorly made. Mine need replacement, but an inexpensive fix.
Getjar...not as good as Amazn app store, but still nice to have another app market.
Front cameras: what are they good for anyway? Makes scanning a QRcode akward, but not impossible.
If high usage apps are left running continuously, the battery life is shortened, but I charge it with a wall unit, USB cord, and car charger which are always available to me.