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Testimonials for ReacTickles 2

Software Review: ReacTickles 2

Barbara Chwierut, SLP, A.T. Coordinator :
AERO Special Ed Cooperative

What did you like about the program?
• The various access methods allow for use with students who exhibit a variety of skill levels and/or motor needs.
• The Research information is very informative. This is now a very important component, when considering the purchase of new materials/software.
• The quick start guide gives a very good overview of the program and specific student settings. It is very easy to understand.
• The home screen is very easy to look at, as well as understand…even w/o a manual. It provides a very clear overview of what is available in the program. It is also very intuitive to access. The availability of a PDF file is also a very helpful resource. The “?” on the top right of the screen is also an extremely helpful cue to the teacher.
• The ability to save “individual user preferences” can be a time saver for the classroom staff. It is also a nice way to gather some data related to student’s access abilities.
• Although our classrooms currently do not have whiteboards, this is can be a very beneficial feature.
• The teacher guidance cards are a VERY INVENTIVE resource. I frequently see students using the same software over and over; therefore, reducing its’ educational benefits (e.g. boredom, repetitive motions, etc). I highly encourage educational teams to interact with the students while they are working on the computer. These cards offer educational teams clear guidance of how the software activities can enhance learning across varies aspects of the curriculum (e.g. language, motor, attending, etc.) (The cards can also easily be printed out and placed near the computer to visually cue staff to interact more with the students.) They also provide a good resource to peer tutors and families.
• The pupil choosing cards are a very nice additional resource. All staff are using visual supports in our classrooms. We also have many students using PECS and/or low-mid tech speech generating devices. These cards would be a very nice supplement. Although our staff attempt to “find” pictures to represent activities, they often have to create them from scratch, which can be very time consuming. How nice to have them so easily available. Having the specific access mode on the top of each card is also an added benefit.
• LOVE the teacher activity cards. Once again these are a great resource to educational teams, showing them specifically how to utilize one piece of software across various aspects of the curriculum! These also can be cut out and placed near the computer as a “visual cue” for staff to encourage greater interaction during computer time (which is often a very isolated time). These cards would also be very helpful for peer tutors and families.

Were there things that you didn’t like about the program?

The program is GREAT…very engaging for our students and very easy for our educational teams to learn.

Would this program be effective with the US curriculum?

Yes, very nice program for students being introduced to the computer. I like the variety of activities and the ability to modify activities, as well as access.

What sort of student feedback did you get from students?

We trialed this software in two of our self-contained classrooms. Most of the students in these rooms are diagnosed with ASD and also cognitive impairment. Most of them are also nonverbal; some are using PECS, while others are beginning to use mid-tech speech generating devices. Most of the students have very poor attention span and many also have very limited computer skills. Feedback from these students was AMAZING! Overall, all students demonstrated improved attention to the computer activities. (One student has never attended to computer activities and he attended for over 20 minutes, actually interacting with the software, while using a touch window.) Students also clearly demonstrated a preference for specific activities and/or colors. They also began to show some interaction with staff (centered around their enjoyment of the specific computer activity.) Since the students appeared to “want” more interaction with the specific activities, they appeared to learn the necessary computer skills at a faster pace (e.g. clicking, mouse use, dragging along the touch window).

Please share any anecdotal information such as stories, or specific instances where the program may have a fit with your student needs.

Feedback from staff was “extremely positive”. One teacher commented that students made more progress in one week using this software than they did the entire previous year (with computer activities). Because the software is so easy to understand, I found that even hesitant staff were more willing to try this software with the students.

If the program doesn’t work for your students, please share why.

It works!

Additional comments:

All of the supplemental materials are an added benefit of this software program.