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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education

Testimonials for BBC Science Simulations - 3 CD Set

I have used the BBC Science Simulations before as a preview to more hands-on inquiry. Last year at North I used the states of matter and growing plants. The students liked the opportunity to manipulate the lessons using the Smart Board and the simulations also allowed me to review concepts with the students and clarify misconceptions too. I love the realistic scenarios and the questions were stimulating as well. While I don’t feel that the simulations should be the ONLY exposure the science concepts I think the investment in the BBC Science Simulations do add a component that introduces the science concepts in an engaging and interactive way. Last, I LOVE that the simulations all student’s opportunities to conduct “fair tests” and that students can continuously try out the experiments to see what happens. This peaks the natural curiosity of students and allows for experiences they may not otherwise have in a class setting. Not to mention there is NOT the need for materials to get the experience of conducting an experiment.

I also like the opportunity to see a record of the student’s progress as this is an area where I did not explore with my students last year. I also like that students can “hear” as well as read the simulations as this is important so that all students have the same experiences with the simulations. I say this is well worth the investment. - Wendy Foy, Windsor Locks School District, CT