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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education

Lesson plans for Tool Factory Database V3

ClassifiedsDatabase Building5-8
Students use Tool Factory Database to collect, compile, and organize information about items for sale, pets, and jobs. Photos, films, and recordings may be added along with text and numerical values. The information can then be formatted into a classifieds page using Tool Factory Word Processor.

School Sports Schedule and StatisticsDatabase Building5-12
The seasonal competition schedule of each sports team is gathered and entered into Tool Factory Database. Information includes: name of sport, date, location, competitor, competitor's statistics, home team statistics, photo of the teams or schools. High school students then practice exporting this data into a spreadsheet as comma separated values (.CSV format).

Interview DatabaseDatabase Building5-12
Reporters and editors of the school newspaper collect notes, photos, and recordings from interviews conducted for various articles and enter the data in Tool Factory Database.

State DatabaseGeography3-9
The class creates a database of the fifty states. Each student is responsible for 2-3 states. Fields in the database may include: date of founding, state flag, state bird, state flower, population, main industry, and colleges. Images can be collected from the internet.

Weekly Weather TrackerDatabase BuildingK-8
Students track the daily temperature, cloud conditions, barometric pressure, wind speed, and precipitation. Create or use a database to track the daily information. Graph the results and make predictions of future weather conditions. Use a digital camera to log a visual record.

Researching Source DocumentsWriting6-12
We're going to research source documents in the library and on the internet, then build a database to search and sort out the reference material.

PlanetsEarth and Space Science3-5
Students will create a database of the nine planets. Each student will select and research one planet. There will be five required fields: Name of Planet, Distance from the sun in kilometers, Length of year in Earth days, Diameter in kilometers, and Number of Moons. A picture of the planet will also be required and additional fields can be added, depending on the level of the students.

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