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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education

Lesson plans for Tool Factory Spreadsheet V3

Number the PicturesCountingK-2
In Tool Factory Word Processor, students count the number of pictures in a set and type in the right number in a box . In Tool Factory Spreadsheet, students type in the correct number in a cell (Tool Factory Spreadsheet).

Reviewing the ArtsResearching5-8
Students write reviews of films, concerts, museum exhibits, classmates' art, plays, and books. The writing process is followed using Tool Factory Word Processor. Students then rate events, shows, etc. with stars or any other consistent rating system in Tool Factory Spreadsheet.

Calendar of EventsWriting5-8
Students use Tool Factory Spreadsheet to create calendar of upcoming events in their school and town for the school newspaper. If possible, use digital photos to enhance the calendar.

Restaurant MenuFractions6-8
Students create a menu for a mock restaurant in Tool Factory Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet calculates subtotal, tax, gratuity, and total charge.

Lesson 6 - ConventionsWriting3-5
This is a 7 part lesson using the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing

The objective for Lesson 6 (Conventions):
Students will be able to edit their writing.

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