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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education

Lesson plans for Tool Factory Painter V3

Storybook OutlineWriting3-5
Students begin to plan a short story book, using the provided templates to brainstorm and outline the plot, setting, characters, sequence of events, and dialog exchanges.

Using the Storybook Outline worksheets, students create a story with descriptive sensory details, developed characters, and a believable plot. Images are added from the bank and/or from the students' own image files, and/or from pictures created in Tool Factory Painter. The finished storybook has a cover page with the story's title and the author's name.

Frame a PhotographArtK-12
Open a photograph and use the Symmetry tool to draw a zany frame around the picture. Then use your image to make greeting cards or pen pal letters.

Angles - Right, Acute, and ObtuseArt2-4
Students will be able to identify different kinds of lines and angles.

Symmetry LessonArt3-4
Students will be able to use Tool Factory Painter to create a picture that is symmetrical.

Reading Directions - Reading to Perform a TaskResearching3-4
Students will be able to read to perform a task.

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