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Grades to All Mainstream Special Education

View Getting Started Guide for Easiteach Next Generation PC v1.5.0 - Interactive Whiteboard/Projector Software

RM Easiteach Next Generation is a fantastic software tool for all your classroom hardware devices that can be used across the curriculum for users of all ages and abilities. Easiteach is great for:
  • Engaging students in a new topic or project by incorporating videos and animations into your classroom presentations, bringing subjects to life!
  • Testing students' knowledge of previously covered topics by asking them to complete a sorting exercise or linking lines activity.
  • Brainstorming - use the mind map template to engage the whole class in a brainstorming activity.
  • Creating multi-modal presentations, using sound, text, and animation all on one page.
  • Narration - narrate a story in an interesting way using a sound recorder and import or record your voice directly on to the page.
  • Creating multi-modal projects using text, sound and animation, great for presenting a science experiment, for example.
  • Developing math skills by using number lines and grids to work out sequences and patterns.
  • Evaluating prose (for example a piece of poetry) as a class, highlighting key patterns and meanings with the annotation tools and using it as a basis for structuring a class poem using writing frames.
  • Expanding students' memories by using eye-catching and rich multimedia such as videos or interactive Flash activities as part of your teaching; for example, use videos to enhance your teaching of geography.
  • Keeping students motivated and focused on a task for longer by using the whiteboard interactively, allowing all pupils to get involved in the lesson.