We're looking for the best yearbook photo from student photographers! Submit your favorite photograph online and become eligible to win awesome technology prizes like an iPad or digital camera. Each entry will be posted on www.clipartstation.com. Visit the site and check out your competition!

The photo contest is now closed. Thanks for your submission. See the winners here.

Judging Criteria
Photos will be judged based on:

  • Strong composition and arrangement: captivating subject matter should be arranged in a meaningful or artistic way.
  • Brilliant color: hues should be eye-catching and lighting should be used to enhance the subject.
  • Focus and sharpness: make sure the object has clarity, or use soft focus as an intentional effect to artistically enhance the image.
  • Creativity and emotion: don't hesitate to use a creative camera angle, and try to capture emotion.


Get your entry in by May 5th, 2014 (that's Cinco de Mayo).
Students and teachers in the USA and its territories are eligible to apply.
Print a flyer for your students.

All prize winners will receive a special "Cinco de Mayo" surprise box.

  • Grand Prize: An iPad and an Olympus TOUGH TG-830 Digital Camera
  • 2nd Place: Free printed yearbooks for all yearbook club members (limit 30) and an Olympus TOUGH TG-830 Digital Camera
  • 3rd Place: An Olympus TOUGH TG-830 Digital Camera
  • Top Honorable Mention photos: A Digital Camera Basics book.

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Thanks to Digital Wish, Picaboo Yearbooks, and Olympus for sponsoring this contest!

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