Photo Maniupulation - Art Winners

The Spring 2006 contest is completed! The lucky Grand Prize winner received an 8.0 megapixel digital camera and accessories worth $650, Tool Factory software worth up to $200, and a Digital Camera Basics book.


Emmanuel, age 12, from FL
Title: Future Thinking
Caption: "I hope that peaple see a bright future and I hope that people will be inspired to make cars that can fly into space I hope this will accelerate people to make things etraordenary."


Graham, age 9, from IL
Title: Book Layers
Caption: "This is just a couple pictures I took of a Harry Potter book and I put them all together. That's all."

Cara, age 17, from NC
Title: California Dreaming
Caption: "This is actually two different photographs. The bottom layer is a picture I took in San Francisco, California of the Golden Gate Bridge. The top layer is a picture of a friend in California. By using a Adobe Photo Deluxe, I was able to create a transparent effect on both the girl and the bridge. I was also able to alter photograph composition and contrast."

Yestera, age 15, from WA
Title: Dew
Caption: "I think this spot of color among the grayness is beautiful."

Kyle, age 18, from NV
Title: Eve
Caption: "Combination of the wildness of nature and the mystery of the human spirit"

Steve, age 17, from WI
Title: Virus (Version 1.0)
Caption: "A computer virus is something we all hate. A virus can travel from person to person in e-mails, websites, or CDs. The main purpose of a computer virus is to damage your stored data, collect information, and/or spy on you simply with a touch of a button. The first computer virus ever made was in the late 1960s to the early 1970s, in a Univax 1108 system."


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