Photo Maniupulation and Art - Honorable Mention

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Steve, Age 16 from Wisconsin
Title: Evil Eye
Caption: "The Evil Eye is observant, it sees what can and cannot be seen by the human eye. It knows what others don't. It is waiting till the time is right, for a devious moment to occur in life. What mysteries does it hold, in its simple Evil Eye of fright? Remember, it is always watching you… day light till night."

Emily, Age 16 from QC
Title: Look Me in the Eye
Caption: "Look me in the eye and tell me. Can you see the way I do? Can you think the way I do? Can you act the way I do? No? Then don't judge me."

Joel, Age 17 from California
Title: life is a beauty
Caption: "life is beautiful everywhere you go"

Steve, Age 16 from Wisconsin
Title: Web of Illusions
Caption: "A spiders web is a very delicate structure that takes talent to make, usually its purpose is to catch prey, protection, or for just a home to live in. Bugs are dazed every time they see this web. As a result, they are drawn closer and closer until they have realized it’s a trap of a webs illusion of confusion. (This photo was taken in my backyard in the end of summer)."

Jamie, from Wisconsin
Title: Lost Among Dasies
Caption: "My dog once again blended in with other photos of flowers and field grasses.."

Justin, age 16 from Maryland
Title: Wired
Caption: "This was basically my trying to see how much I could do with a photo without using filters and doing most of the work manually. All of the modifications done to the head (the wires, removal of the hair, etc) were done freehand and manually."

Philip, age 17 from MO
Title: A Day in Life
Caption: "As I walked down the path to glory..."

Jamie, Age 15 from Wisconsin
Title: Eccentric Sunset
Caption: "My photo of the lake michigan sunset, with the sky changed into a wierd pattern and a sunburst in the middle. I then added a boat from a diffrent photo of mine and added a light burst off the top"

Jon, age 17 from Maryland
Title: Dream
Caption: "On two seperate nights I had my most vivid dream. I walked down a trail and happened upon the lake that appears in this picture and there was a strikingly odd tree in the water that produced bright leaves. I could see a castle in the distance and could hear singing coming from the castle. This piece is an attempt to interpret my dream."

Daniel, age 16 from Texas
Title: Breaking Through
Caption: "This image portrays "mother-earth" breaking through todays industry. This image started out as just a in-class project, yet when I looked at it, I felt a calling to make more images like this... powerful, thought-provoking... I really want to persue this talent that I have and make more and more stunning images like these. "

Steve, Age 16 from Wisconsin
Title: Colored Berries
Caption: "Is this real, or is this fake, what is it suppose to be? It can be many things, colored berries, colored Christmas bulbs, or balloons if you flip it upside down. Its up to your imagination. "

Nicolas, age 17 from California
Title: Reptile
Caption: "Something horrile has happened to this boy."

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