Photography Honorable Mention Winners

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Alex, Age 16 from Maryland
Title: there's nothing like sand between your toes!
Caption: "sandy feef on the beach early in the morning in bethany beach, de."


Kayla, Age 16 from Wisconsin
Title: Wagger's Blue Eyes
Caption: "My three week old kitten, Wagger, seemed to be very intrigued by the zoom lens on my camera. I was lucky enough to capture the innocence of his bright blue eyes.."

Brian, Age 16 from Washington
Title: Pilings on the Beach
Caption: "Lets just say it was a long walk to get there, but definately worth it!"

Greg, Age 17 from Florida
Title: Up and Up
Caption: "One of the tallest buildings in the city of Baltimore. The view from below is as amazing as above."


Christina, Age 16 from Minnesota
Title: perfect dragonfly
Caption: "for some reason, the flowers in front of our house tended to attract many dragonflies. I got this picture one day using the macro mode on my camera and have enjoyed it ever since. it appears as if the dragonfly has had a perfect landing"

Vanessa, Age 18 from Philadelphia
Title: Flying High
Caption: "the skys the limit"

Jesse, Age 14 from Minnesota
Title: "Say Cheese"
Caption: "I took this photo in Sarasota, Florida. My brother Ian, shown in the picture, caught the gecko and held it up for a snapshot. I came back to the photo about a month later and realized that not only was my brother smiling, but the lizard was too! "

Marqui, Age 15 from Louisiana
Title: Hiding in the Shadows
Caption: "The most beautiful women in the world are often faced with the most overwhelming obstacles. Addiction was her evil, but no longer does she hide in the shadows of what once haunted her."

Christina, Age 16 from Minnesota
Title: butterfly eyes
Caption: "this butterfly was so tame it even let me touch it without getting too disturbed. I took this picture with the macro setting on my digital camera. I just love the butterfly's eyes!"

Alex, Age 16 from Maryland
Title: thoughtful contemplation
Caption: "this was taken on the beach in delaware. I think that just the figure of the person is effective, because you can almost see that he is deep in thought by his body positioning"

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