Photography Winners

Below are the Photography Winners from the Spring 2008 contest. It was a difficult decision this year and the judging was very close thanks to all the terrific submissions!

Grand Prize Winner!


Fan, Age 17, from Boyds, MD

"Winter came with the birds."

Honorable Mention Winners Below!



Lawson, Age 13, from Elkton, FL

"i brought my camera to the 4th of july last year, and a few of my pictures turned out looking like a lightning bolt or something. "


Puppy Dreams

Henry, Age 16, from Spokane WA

"They say you can't each an old dog new tricks, but there are always dreams of tomorrow "


Little Boy in the Window

Reiser, Age 15, from West Chester, OH

"While on a mission trip in Highgate, Jamaica, I saw this little boy peeking out through the window of his home. I found him so striking. "


Bubbling Lava

Little, Age 17, from Troy, NY

"This is what happens when I'm left with a camera, a glass paperweight, a laser pointer, and too much free time "


Sepia Toned Sunrise

Little, Age 17 from Troy, NY

"Taken just before the sun rose behind my favorite tree"


Under My Umbrella

Boerema, Age 12, from St. Augustine FL

"My neighbor Dulcie in my backyard with her umbrella "


String Shadows

Zagorin, Age 10, from Austin, TX

"I'm currently learning the cello and my sister is learning the violin. This picture represents the long hours we spent practicing this skill."


Skate The Sun

Bernstein, Age 16, from Germantown, MD

""You got to see him to beleive him, Canít you hear íem calliní, You got to hear him, thereís no fear, In that man, Canít you hear íem calliní, Heís like a mean molten gold, Canít you hear íem calliní Lord, heís got to have his story told, Canít you fear youíre falliní" -Jefferson Starship, "Skateboard" "


Austin Light

Light, Age 17, from Lubbock, TX

"this is an abandoned house located in wolfforth, texas. "



Beckmann, Age 17, from East Setauket, NY

"Most people don't appreciate that a bass is more than just an oversized violin. One of the many reasons why I love the bass is that it has many interesting angles from which it can be photographed. Like this one. Beauty, in the eyes of the musician."


Pouring Water

Hayman, Age 18, from Wind Gap, PA

"Water pouring from a vase."


Glass Drop

Cardwell, Age 17, from Granby, CT

"This picture I took after setting up a glass surface and my tripod in my room. I dropped water onto the glass for long periods of time until I captured this image on my camera. I shot this image with a very high shutter speed and it came out the way I had hoped it to. "


Green Sunset

Johnson, Age 16, from Compton, CA

"This photo is used to describe the calm, and reguvinated feelings that i have when the sun sets. "