Art Finalists

Below are the Art Winners for the Spring 2008 contest. It was a difficult decision this year and the judging was very close thanks to all the terrific submissions!

Grand Prize Winner!


Beckman, Age 16, from East Setauket, NY

"In media arts, our assignment was to take a picture involving movement. Initially, I tried to do this by leaving the shutter open for half a minute, and moving it around, but it came out way to blurry. So I faked it. This picture is a composite of five pictures, all with my hand in a different position on the guitar. I used a timer and a tripod to help me take the photos and Photoshop CS3 to cut, paste, reduce the opacity of and rotate the different pictures of hands."

Congratulations to all of our Honorable Mention Winners below!

Full Spead Ahead

Little, Age 17, from Troy, NY

"Only in places like Woodstock could one find an actual yellow submarine the Beatles would be proud."


The Tree

Kuhn, Age 14, from Parma, OH

"The end of summer and the beggining of fall."



Erazo, Age 17, from Dover, NJ

"when a fantasy meets reality."


Bubble Brilliance

Hayman, Age 18, from Wind Gap, PA

"Never thought that a bubble can look so beautiful."


It Goes Vroom

Cardwell, Age 17, from Granby, CT

"One of my friends has a nice Volkswagen Golf GTI and I decided I could make his day by taking a photograph of it for him. I have never seen this idea carried out in a car photograph before. I set my camera to a long exposure setting and informed a couple of my other friends with me how I wanted them to drive around the golf with their cars. They followed through and after a few tries, I got the image I had been hoping for. I wanted the design around the car to look just like it does. After taking this picture there were a few things I had to photoshop out to enhance the car as the main subject,a small part of a building in the background, I played around with the colors as well."


The Pixie Horse

Willey, Age 16, from Delmar, MD

"All was peaceful in the land of Realdom. The storm was over. A light like no other burst through the darkened clouds, a rainbow appeared and the creatures began to stir. The snail with his shell of purple. The bird with her shining feathers. The fly with his want for food. And even the Pixie horse, her butterfly-like wings of yellow and black, disguising her from all but the most curious of childern. "


Earthly Creatures

Willey, Age 16, from Delmar, MD

"Brown Horse: "I hate heights!"

White Horse: "I'm bored."

Light Brown Horse: "I wonder what's over there?"