Photography Winner

View the first grand prize winner showcase here.

The judges were really split between the images below. All of them deserve to win!

Photography Runner-Up Winners

3 runner-up winners each received Tool Factory software and a book.

Gary, age 16, from WA

Title: Light On The Keys

Caption: Vivid light from a sunset laces the keys of a piano during a bright April evening.

Brandon, age 16, from CA

Title: At the Top of the World

Caption: I took this photo at the top of the highest known hill in Rocklin, CA. It overlooks a large portion of the city, and is always a tease for those who enjoy longboarding. I took the picture as my two friends looked out across the view, wishing they had the courage to board down the hill...

Kevin, age 17, from KY


Title: Wintry Pond

Caption: I was walking around one morning after a big snow and noticed that my conoe had slipped in the water over night and that the place where it had come to a rest made a perfect picture spot. I took a few pictures and it turned out awesome.

Justyn, age 14, from OH

Title: Think Green

Caption: As the forest begins to rest from a wonderful day, the sun, ever glistening, flows through the eddies of the wood as though on the current of water.

Brandon, age 16, from CA

Title: Lady-Like

Caption: Simply a tiny lady bug sitting on a plant. :]

Dan, age 17, from NY

Title: Finding Earth

Caption: I stayed up until around two in the morning waiting for lightning to strike out my window, and this is the result

David, age 17, from AL

Title: Reflection Gliding

Caption: Often it is only in silence that the true wonder of nature is found.

Jonathan, age 16, from IL

Title: Da Bears!

Caption: please dont be biased by the team being cheered, as a native Chicagoan, I love da bears!. This was taken on a very, very cold night in the dead of winter. It is actually several shots that I laced together.


View the first grand prize winner showcase here.