Photo Maniupulation - Art Winners

The Spring 2007 contest is completed! The lucky Grand Prize winner received an 8.0 megapixel digital camera and accessories worth $650, Tool Factory software worth up to $200, and a Digital Camera Basics book.


Jessie, age 16, from OH
Title: Paris Magic
Caption: Taken from the base of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, I edited this photo by adding the gold stars to the night sky and applied a slight warp to the base of the eiffel tower to add perspective.


Taylor, age 14, from FL
Title: Never Comin' Down
Caption: It symbolizesthe men and women who have fought and the ones who are fighting for us today... we wave her proudly in the blue sky proud Americans...till the end

Bridey, age 16, from PA
Title: Wire
Caption: Just a picture of the telephone poles at the bottom of my school's hill. Changed to black and white, then a nice shade of blue added to the sky.

Brandon , age 16, from CA
Title: Line up the Shot
Caption: I took this photo of my friend playing pool, an activity that we do when we are bored. I used Photoshop to desaturate all of the photo except for the balls.

Angela, age 14, from KS
Title: Stairway to Heaven
Caption: Just don't trip or spit off the side railings.

Brandon, age 16, from CA
Title: Memories of the Moment
Caption: I had always wanted to make something like this, so I finally did! I just took a picture of myself holding an empty photo frame, and then just placed that photo in each of the frames.

Maura, age 14, from KS
Title: Blue-y Birdy Nesty
Caption: I found this nest on the side of the road and took a picture of it. Tho original is amazing.


Christian, age 17, from NJ
Title: Sunset to Tennis
Caption: I took this picture when it was sunny outside. I enhanced it to make it look like it was really sunset.

Meghan, age 18, from KY
Title: Moonlight Trolly
Caption: I've always been fascinated with things that I see in everyday life, but that can also appear to be magic right under the surface. Living where I do, there are a lot of these trollies, giving tourists scenic drives around our historic downtown. But what if they slipped past the edge of logic on a late night jaunt, and right into the magic underneath...

Cheyenne, age 12, from FL
Title: Reflection
Caption: RAWRR! This is a puddle with the reflection of dinosaurs.

Lauren , age 15, from LA
Title: Sister and I for birthday pictures
Caption: I used photoshop. Then I made my picture black and white. Then, I darken the outlines of everyhthing. Last, I just colored everything differently to make it animated,colorful, and cartoon like.