We had an unbelievable number of great entries this season, which made judging tougher than ever. Congratulations to the winners below!

Grand Prize Winner:

For the first time, we had a student submit so many great shots that we couldn't choose just one! Thus, the grand prize has been awarded to the following collection.

the cleaners

Chyi-Dean, Age 15, from North Tustin, CA

"On the way to a community service event we passed by this cleaners. It was shot from inside a car while idling at a red light."



Chyi-Dean, Age 15, from North Tustin, CA

"One can find some of the most interesting shots in the most mundane of things."



Chyi-Dean, Age 15, from North Tustin, CA

"It's a comforting feeling to know you are not alone."

Honorable Mention Winners:

Peaceful Lake

Kendan, Age 17, from Idaho Falls, ID

"This picture I got in the morning up at Palisades. There was a pelican in the middle of the lake with the morning sun reflecting warmly off its beak. The pelican is by itself in a big area with towering mountains surrounding it and still water as well. The sky looks hazy the farther back you look. I just thought that the pelican looked kind of peaceful surrounded by all that gorgeous scenery. The lighting adds a nice warm relaxing feeling. "

Polish Ducks

Jonathan, Age 18, from Chicago, IL

"There is a lot going on here. These ducks had just flown in to Germany from Poland, but that trip may not be as long as one would think. This picture was taken in Germany but across the River is Poland. The ice in the river was exactly dividing the two countries."

Change For A Dollar

Michael, Age 16, from Lakewood, CA

"The rich stay rich while the poor get poorer. In this picture, every particular set of coins adds up to a dollar; it is my way to signify with the times and show the gap between the rich (the silver dollar and half-dollars), middle class (quarters and dimes), and the poor (pennies)."

Natures Tear

Alyssa, Age 16, from Fountain HiIls, AZ

"A dying rose cradles a water drop after a rain storm."

Frozen Fields

Danielle, Age 17, from Whitehouse Station, NJ

"This was taken in the field behind my house after an ice storm. I find it hard sometimes to find beauty in nature during the winter but that day there wasn't one piece of the earth that wasn't covered in that beautiful ice. I remember that the air wasn't bitter though, like it should have been, after a storm like that. It wasn't warm but it wasn't a dreadful cold either, it was perfectly enjoyable. I think that this picture depicts wholly the sweet essence of that day."