We had an unbelievable number of great entries this season, which made judging tougher than ever. Congratulations to the Art winners below!

Art Grand Prize Winner:


Heidi, Age 18, from Greeneville, TN

"The girl's mother warned her not to play on the railroad tracks that she was so fond of. But the girl wasn't afraid - not at all."

Honorable Mention Winners:


Ryan, Age 17, from Columbus, OH

"Down the stairs the step came. The door to a new life just out of reach, closing."


Holly, Age 17, from Founatin Hills, AZ

"I took this picture of a rose and one day in photoshop was trying new techniques and filters and this is what I came up with. The best part about this photo is you do not exactly know what it is when you first look at it. My friends have told me that it looks like potato chips, or burnt pieces of paper, and they are always shocked when I tell them it is a picture of a rose."

Spring Swinging

Mikala, Age 18, from Brainerd, MN

"Abandoning the busy schedules & neglecting the burdens of the season, just taking a break to escape. It's just you and the sky. Unlimited options and unrestricted pleasure fashion a sense of complete liberation. Freedom."

New York

Holly, Age 17, from Founatin Hills, AZ

"I took this picture of New York and before I added the photoshop effects, the picture was really drab. First, I added some color to the photo to make it more interesting then I decided to experiment with the photo some and I ended up adding those stripes. I think it is a very interesting take on the so well known New York skyline."

Birth of the Hero

Aliza, Age 16, from Beaverton, OR

"The birth of the hero begins in nature while the child is carried by water to a new world."