Photo Maniupulation - Art Winners

The January 2008 contest is completed! Two lucky Grand Prize winners received an 8.0 megapixel digital camera and accessories worth $650, Tool Factory software worth up to $200, and a Digital Camera Basics book.


Dana, Age 17, CT
Title: Scintillant Phantom
Caption: I took this picture as sleet dropped on the grounds of a nearby road to where I live. This barn was such a perfect subject normally a dull and abandoned building representing emptiness. It turned into something of such beauty and illumination in the dark of the night.

Dorri, Age 17, FL
Title: The Pyramid of Light
Caption: As the sunlight reflects off the water
tired birds rest on a tour boat after a weary day...


Runners Up:

Meghan, Age 18, KY
Title: Autumn Bridge
Caption: This picture was taken in a national forest in Kentucky in autumn. I simply exagerated the bright colors to give it an electric look.


Cassie, Age 18 , MO
Title: The Grinch
Caption: Little kids have the most fun and outgoing personalities. This girl may look like the grinch but in fact she isn't. She's just a girl making silly faces at the camera while in fact making possibly the cutest picture of all time.