Photo Maniupulation - Art Winners

The Fall 2006 contest is completed! The lucky Grand Prize winner received an 8.0 megapixel digital camera and accessories worth $650, Tool Factory software worth up to $200, and a Digital Camera Basics book.


Chris, age 16, from QC
Title: Despair
Caption: "used a picture of a panoramic view from the lake while there was a huge amount of fog. I then put a picture of my sibling with a look of despair on her face to make the scene look sad & eerie."


Tobias, age 17, from PA
Title: Top of My World
Caption: "Myself being crushed by my own hand for one of my class projects."

Maxwell, age 17, from PA
Title: The Sky to the heavens
Caption: "when you first see this picture you are drawn to the clouds and then you see the interesting house below. The clouds really make the picture i think"

Abbie, age 17, from KS
Title: High on Rock
Caption: "Psychedelic colors turn up the heat on an Overcast single. Screaming power into a song of greed and jealousy."

Kyle, age 13, from FL
Title: Tower
Caption: "This picture is a picture of the tower outside our school it has been modified a little in photoshop."

Taylor, age 13, from FL
Title: Nothing Lasts Forever
Caption: "Some people say that nothing lasts forever so I took this photograph of a wilting rose and made it seem sad and gloomy"


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