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TOOL FACTORY, INC. STRUCK BY LIGHTNING! - 08/04/2001 - East Dorset, VT, August 4, 2001 - Tool Factory, Inc. a Vermont based software publisher was literally struck by lightning on Saturday night around 5:30 PM. Two employees were in the facility working at the time. One employee said, "The 8 foot windows lit up like a huge flash bulb. I heard it before I saw it!" One computer monitor turned blood red and then cycled through a series of bizarre colors. A wood-smoke smell permeated the office, and everyone ran outside to see if the building ...
Teacher's Cupboard Has Been Selected as a Finalist for the Teacher's Choice Awards! - 05/03/2001 - Gr. K-2, Inclusion One teacher would like an apple, the other a crown. Eager young learners must venture into magical lands with kangaroos and giants, to find the gifts their teachers most desire. Early readers and non-readers alike will dive into books with this interactive literacy program. Two wonderful adventures lead children through focused literacy activities where they practice skills such as identifying beginning letter sounds, story sequencing, and filling in missing words fr ...

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