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Tool Factory Brings New Musical Instrument for Special Needs Learners to the US
Posted by Jon Gallup at 01:47:32 PM Wed 04/06/2011

The Skoog

Sunderland, VT, April 5, 2011 - On Saturday, April 9th, Tool Factory will unveil the Skoog to thousands of educators and school board members at the NSBA Annual Conference. Developed in Scotland at the University of Edinburgh, the Skoog is a soft, squeezable instrument designed specifically for special needs learners that plugs directly into a computer's USB port. Dr. Benjaman Schogler, co-creator of the Skoog, will join Tool Factory in booth 1511 and in room 300 for several of their hands-on seminars.

The Skoog has five touch sensitive color-coded surfaces, which give users the ability to play and control five different notes at a time. The software makes use of this color-coding to make the Skoog easy to navigate and control. Learners can choose from a range of instruments, including brass, woodwind, percussion and strings.

"Based on the success that educators in the UK are having
with Skoogmusic technology, we're thrilled to be the ones to bring this innovative new instrument to the States," said Kendra Ericson, Tool Factory's Director of Educational Services. "Because the Skoog software can be customized to the needs of the individual, it opens up a world of potential for learners unable to play traditional instruments. We're also honored to have Dr. Schogler
join us at the conference; it's a wonderful opportunity for educators to get their hands on a Skoog and learn directly from the creator himself."

"Tool Factory's dedication to inclusive teaching made them a perfect fit for the Skoog, and I'm looking forward to meeting US educators at NSBA Annual and introducing them to Skoogmusic's tactile technology," said Dr. Schogler.

The Skoog enables learners to experience and play musical sounds for themselves, and it is suitable for MLD, SLD, PMLD, children with global delay, genetic conditions such as Downs Syndrome, sensory impairments, physical/mental problems, behavioral issues and those on the autism spectrum.

For more information on the Skoog, visit the Tool Factory
website at http://www.toolfactory.com/.

Item # 5014
Educational Institution Price: $899.00

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