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New Science Software for the 21st Century from Tool Factory
Posted by at 09:37:19 AM Thu 01/07/2010

We're excited to announce that Tool Factory is now offering The Future is Wild educational software. Based on the Emmy-nominated Discovery Kids cartoon series, The Future is Wild turns users into time-traveling students who learn about habitats, interdependence and adaptation as they explore an interpretation of our world 5 million, 100 million and 200 million years in the future

The software features:
Three activity levels
Focused assignments
End of assignment tests
A free explore mode
Video clips and rotating 3D creature models
A built-in tracking and reporting feature to monitor student achievement.

Skills covered:
ICT / Information Technolog

Item #220112
Single Unit: $39.95
Network Site License: $299.95

For more details, visit http://www.toolfactory.com

About Tool Factory
Tool Factory is a leader in innovative educational technology and staff development solutions. Tool Factory's mission is to improve US education by providing superior educational software, hardware, staff development options, and an impressive lineup of special education products. The extensive online catalog offers a host of resources to reinvigorate any learning environment. Teachers, students, and parents join the Tool Factory staff in testing products to ensure that they are easy to navigate, fun to use, and beneficial to the learning process. For more information go to http://www.toolfactory.com.

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