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Tool Factory Introduces Reading Software for Visual Learners
Posted by at 09:21:35 AM Wed 01/20/2010

A Busy Day software allows visual learners and those learning English as an additional language new tools to experience reading success.

Sunderland, VT, January 20, 2010
- Tool Factory announced today that it is now offering A Busy Day educational software. Winner of the Best Special Education Resource Involving ICT at the Education Resources Awards (ERA) in 2008, A Busy Day acts as a bridge between words and reading, helping all students attain reading success through motivating graphics and interactive, kinesthetic activities.

A Busy Day utilizes 13 interactive scenes of daily activities that are familiar to all children, such as getting up in the morning or going to school, to help learners understand that words carry meaning by encouraging them to hear, say, remove and match words to pictures. Particularly effective for learners on the autistic spectrum, those with Down's syndrome, 'visual' learners and those learning English as an additional language, the software is a valuable tool for all students learning to read. The program also features inclusive teacher controls to customize activities to each learner and a built-in tracking and reporting feature to monitor student achievement.

"We're excited to introduce A Busy Day to teachers across the country," said Gordon Woodrow, Tool Factory's Director of Operations. "The software approaches reading in an innovative way to reach less able or reluctant readers. A Busy Day has the potential to help many educators close the reading gap in their classrooms by giving students a concrete visual learning tool."

Developed by SEMERC, A Busy Day was authored by Rosemary Starrett, an educator working with learners on the autistic spectrum in Belfast, Ireland. Starrett created A Busy Day reading program specifically for 'visual' learners and for learners for whom traditional reading programs contain too many abstract words and ideas. For more information on A Busy Day, please visit the Tool Factory website at http://www.toolfactory.com.

Title: A Busy Day
Item #: 20121
Price: $69.95 (single), and $529.95 (unlimited network site license)


SEMERC is a leader in ICT special needs publishing, supplying software and hardware to both mainstream and special educational needs settings across the UK. All of SEMERC's recent software includes a range of accessibility options, such as switch access, voice input and display options. Individual student records are also available so that resources can be personalized to suit the individual's interests, learning styles and curriculum requirements. http://www.semerc.com

About Tool Factory
Tool Factory is a leader in innovative educational technology and staff development solutions. Tool Factory's mission is to improve US education by providing superior educational software, hardware, staff development options, and an impressive lineup of special education products. The extensive online catalog offers a host of resources to reinvigorate any learning environment. Teachers, students, and parents join the Tool Factory staff in testing products to ensure that they are easy to navigate, fun to use, and beneficial to the learning process. For more information go to http://www.toolfactory.com.

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