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Tool Factorys Staff Development Programs Provide Schools With New Ways to Access Technology
Posted by at 04:13:43 PM Thu 02/26/2009

Tool Factory's inclusive staff development programs can be funded through training, hardware, or software budgets.

Sunderland, VT, February 26, 2009 - Tool Factory, a leader in educational technology products, announces the launch of its "School of" staff development solutions. Tool Factory's staff development choices include the popular School of Photography, which develops digital photography skills; the new School of Videography, which utilizes Flip video technology; and the sought after School of Podcasting, which provides educators with the expertise to podcast with students of all ages. Training, hardware (digital cameras, Flip video cameras, and digital voice recorders), and PC-based software are all included, giving your school the flexibility to fund the program out of multiple budgets. Staff development packages are also fully customizable to meet any school or district's needs, including special education.

Valuable technology is within reach with Tool Factory's School of staff development packages. The technology and training included is applicable across the curriculum, with hardware and software options appropriate for inclusive classrooms. Because the trainings are customizable for any range of learning needs, schools may be able to purchase the staff development through mainstream, training, or special education budgets, or through Title I funding.

Tool Factory's School of staff developments are offered on-location at a school or district site and can be customized according to technology needs or budget constraints. Current staff development bundles include:

School of Podcasting - A full day of hands-on podcast training with curriculum planning. Every attendee receives: an Olympus WS series Digital Voice Recorder for daily classroom or field trip recording, an Olympus Noise Reduction Microphone, Tool Factory's Simple Guide to Podcasting book, Adventures in Podcasting - Incredible Lesson Plans For the Classroom book, a Clip Art Station subscription account, and a Tool Factory Podcasting software license.

School of Photography - A full day of hands-on training, including a digital camera and software. A great way to get cameras using your training budget, each attendee receives an Olympus (minimum 8 megapixel) digital camera that's ideal for daily classroom shooting, a detailed digital photography manual, and a copy of the new Tool Factory Workshop V3, which was cited as "the most child-friendly office suite ever built."

School of Videography - A full day of hands-on experience that includes filming for classroom use, creative project planning, and digital video editing in Tool Factory Movie Maker. Each attendee receives a Flip 2GB Digital Video Camera, Tool Factory Movie Maker software, a copy of Adventures in Technology, a technology lesson plan book (to be released this spring), and a Clip Art Station subscription account.

"When dealing with technology, staff development is critical," said Gordon Woodrow, Tool Factory's Director of Operations, "In order to effectively implement technology in the classroom, teachers need the tools to make that technology relevant to their curriculum. It's not enough to hand them a box of gadgets and say 'Go!' The combination of training, hardware and software tools, and post-session support is what makes our packages unique, and trainers often hear that our sessions are the best, most helpful, and fun staff developments teachers have attended."

To order call (800) 220-8386 or visit www.toolfactory.com.

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Tool Factory is a leader in innovative educational technology and staff development solutions. Tool Factory's mission is to improve US education by providing superior educational software, hardware, staff development options, and an impressive lineup of special education products. The extensive online catalog offers a host of resources to reinvigorate any learning environment. Teachers, students, and parents join the Tool Factory staff in testing products to ensure that they are easy to navigate, fun to use, and beneficial to the learning process. For more information go to http://www.toolfactory.com.

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