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Contents Tool Factory Database V3 Enter Pictures From the Bank
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Database V2
Make sure there is a picture field in the database. If not, click the CREATE FIELDS icon and add a picture field.

1) Click the picture field on the record. It gets a yellow box around it.
2) Click the #2 bank button. The picture topics will appear in the bank.
3) Browse the picture topics by using the bank’s scroll bar.
4) Click the little plus + to the left of the topic. The folder opens.
5) A list of picture names appears below the topic. Double-click on the name of the picture (not the icon)
6) The picture enters into the picture field.

A very common error is to skip step 1. Make sure the picture field is hi-lighted first, otherwise the program doesn’t know where to put the picture.

*TIP* Pictures can also be dragged out of the bank and into a picture field. Make sure to grab the name of the picture and not the little icon next to it.

Bank button #1 is Words.
Bank button #2 is Pictures.
Bank button #3 is Video.
Bank button #4 is Sounds.
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