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Contents Tool Factory Workshop - Spanish Upgrade Adding a Picture to the Background
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Database V2
Pictures can be added to the background, and they will automatically appear on every single record in the database. Use this feature to create decorative title bars and colorful backdrops.

1) Click the BACKGROUND icon.
2) Click the NEW PICTURE button on the left.
3) Browse the computer and locate a picture.
4) Click the OPEN button.
5) Click and drag the picture to the desired location in the workspace.
6) Resize the picture by “clicking-and-dragging” on any picture border.

Notice the picture is probably sitting on top of some fields. Whenever the background is being edited, all the background pictures automatically appear on top. Click the FIELD properties tab, and background labels will be sent to the background as decoration for every record in the database.

*TIP* Hi-light a background picture and try out the checkbox “Normal” and “Stretch”. Then resize the picture to see the effect.

Try out these different styles of title bars and borders.
· Insert a row of very small thumbnail pictures, each one different. Place them across the top or down the side for a title bar.
· Insert the same 1-3 pictures over and over again. Make them thumbnail size and line them up for a repeating border or frame.
· Take a sunset picture and drag it very skinny or tall for a border. Place a colored label over top.
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