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Contents Tool Factory IT System Inserting Digital Photos
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Database V2
Get a digital camera and start taking pictures! Photograph science experiments, daily weather conditions, or make a photographic address book. Be aware your digital photos are NOT going to be in the bank. The bank contains clipart that shipped with Tool Factory Workshop. To insert one of your own digital photos, just click the plus + inside the picture field and browse.

1) Click the little plus + inside the picture field.
2) Browse the computer and locate your digital photo.
3) Click on the photo name.
4) Click "Open". The photo will insert into the picture field.

If you can’t find any picture files, you probably clicked the plus + inside the video field by mistake.

*TIP* Here’s a tip for Windows XP user. When you click the plus + inside the picture field, the browse window appears. In the upper right corner of the browse window is a tiny icon that will allow pictures to appear as thumbnails. Click the icon and select “Thumbnails”. Thumbnails of your digital photos appear as you are browsing for them.

This is handy because digital cameras automatically name pictures “001.jpg”, “002.jpg”, “003.jpg”…and if pictures weren’t renamed prior to building a project, it’s going to be a hassle to locate the specific photo you are looking for. With thumbnail viewing, you don’t have to rename photos, because it’s possible to view them as you browse.

The quality of digital cameras gets better every year. In fact, an average digital camera will tend to take pictures that are higher quality than your computer can display. Have you ever receive an email photo, and it’s so large you only see the subject’s ear!

The file sizes on digital photos can be very big. As you start to build projects with them, your computer’s memory (RAM) fills up rapidly, and we’ve all experienced it…the inevitable CRASH! You can avoid this by resizing your photos before you build your project.

Every digital camera we’ve ever seen comes with a CD that contains image editing software. Go hunt under your bed, find that CD, and install it! Now use that software to open up your photos which you will use in your project. Browse the menus for IMAGE>RESIZE. Usually the software will allow you to type in a width. We recommend 300 pixels wide for school projects.

*Important* Make sure you do a FILE>SAVE AS and rename your new smaller photo. Don’t just do a plain SAVE or you overwrite your original higher-quality photo. You may want the larger photo file later for blow-ups. After resizing them, open Tool Factory Database and use them in your project.
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