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Contents Tool Factory Word Processor V3 Insert Words From the Bank
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor V2
The #1 bank button contains the word lists. Tool Factory Word Processor ships with a huge library of word lists. You can use these word lists for reference, allowing students to define them. They also make great story starters. For example, you may say “Students write a story using 5 words from the 'Beach' category in the word bank.”

*TIP* Right mouse clicking on a word will speak that word in the computer’s voice. This is great for ESL students and non-readers.

1) Click on bank button #1.
2) You can browse the word lists using the bank’s scroll bar.
3) When you find a topic of interest, click the little plus + to the left of the topic (double clicking works too). The folder opens.
4) You will see a list of words below the topic. Click on any word and it will hi-light.
5) Click on the page where you want it to go.
6) Click on the word again in the bank. This sends the word right where you want it to go.

*TIP* If you don’t see the word, it may be in the top left corner of your project.

Best Practice – Words will appear wherever the mouse is on the page. So if you just typed in some text on your page, then inserted a word from the bank, it will often go into an existing text box (where you don’t really want it!). Our favorite way to enter a word from the word list is: Click on the word in the bank, click on the page where you want it to go, then click on the word again in the bank. This sends the word right where you want it to go.

*TIP* The search feature doesn’t work in the word bank (#1 bank button). If you think about it, searching for a word is really silly, because by the time you searched for a word, you could have just typed it into your project!
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