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Contents Tool Factory Workshop Deluxe Uses of a Database
Grade: K-12
Required products: Tool Factory Database V2
Databases can be put to work in all subject areas.

Science Collect data from experiments, do a pond study and identify each organism, key trees and plants, monitor daily PH levels on fish tanks, study animal behaviors, and track the weather.

Social Studies Use the internet to find pictures and information. Collect data on each state including the state capital, state bird, flags, maps, and politicians. Collect information on presidents, geography, social and economic status of countries, and current events.

English Make a book review database for the library and have students write reviews as they check in books. Collect source information for research papers with complete bibliographies. Develop characters for stories.

Math Conduct surveys, build charts and graph the information. Make speculations about relationships.

IT Skills Development Database building is one of the often overlooked skills in the IT curriculum. Start the students collecting data as early as first grade using Tool Factory Database. By third grade they will be building their own databases. By high school they will transition easily into a professional database program.
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